Let's (not) Talk "Spy Code"

Hey! It's an autograph from "Sky King," just like the one of Howard Hughes' USA's Soldier Boys removed from the "web." To be "glorious," try and steal my copy of it, and maybe die tonight!

Penny looks a bit disoriented. If she were me, it would be: a) She's bipolar!; b) She's on meth!; c) She's using/selling cocaine!; d) She's good and drunk!; e) We don't know dick about Nixon or psychiatric diagnoses, so she's "Just plain nuts!"

The zebra was quick with smelling salts and slaps to both cheeks. Spit out the blood, pit out a tooth fragment, and get back on-line, if TIME WARNER will allow it. As we said as SpyKids, "Who died and left them boss?" Not computer illiterate? Sit in front of the widescreen and receive your mind control instructions.Me? I feel better knowing the neighborhood pit bull is being fattened up for a rap video, the meet me on the Lambert East Concourse Man was seen taking a "flyer," and the 70+ crowd packs around the free magazine table. That magic table, by the way, is the same one where Hughes (that's me, moron), cracks through classified material by reading a glossy, four-color, open source defense/defence publication.

Have they started censoring Navy Times yet? Not yet? Some of those letter-writing sailors have more seditious ideas than I, and they print the damn letter. Don't ask me, I'm just a civilian with occasional GI problems, like delay on the poop deck, with no fat-assed GI Bill to fall back on. Regarding my slogan of, "They show me everything," I will have empathy for the plug & jack salesmen when the DOD budget is zero (0), however, unplugging grandma from her respirator might be the only alternative if our "inner ring" Pentagon boys keep spending like the experienced drunks they are.

Hey rich kid! Did grandpa write you out of the will? Again? Why not turn him off like The Netherlands or Switzerland? Porno, plenty 'o supposedly illegal drugs, sex every which way, and human remains in the compost heap, but don't forget to sign-up for the next old folks bus trip to a not as shady as Vegas casino. (When your recently unemployed son-in-law or daughter oft beaten by her ca boyfriend could use the money). Brokaw got it wrong Gen z, y, & z. "They" are the "Rottenest Generation," in my opinion. Won the "Big One," eh? How many Jews had to die first? Can you believe there are crackpots who say FDR made the depression worse by stimulating the economy--a lot? I guess they have blogs, too. Nukes? Pardon me for going to the Truman Presidential Library and holding cables in my hand that seemed to indicate the many fried Japs plan was wholly unnecessary. Why did they do it? May I have a lift to Independence, Missouri, and I shall nail that one down. Don't keep them waiting, because they ALREADY TOLD ME WHY, BUT I HAD BETTER HIDE THE CUPS, HIDE THE DONUTS, HIDE THE CAKE, HIDE THE PIE.....because I am behind enemy lines in more than one way.

Selfish beyond all reason they are here in the Gold Left Coast Republic. Chili on Friday, courtesy of "Richard," and the plan was to discuss California Code 646.9 & 1708.7 issues with Andrea, and at least I know her last name. "Stuff has been missing lately," said Mark "Mafia" Williams. Sir, please define "stuff," and "we" surely need a COURTROOM to "discover" and thereby disclose to all the means by which missing items go missing. As for missing persons, that may be, as the old ones say, "Above my pay grade," which at present is Food Stamps, and thus, I am admittedly pissed-off. Aw, f*** the pay grade excuse, I'm just not the cops, but if I end up El Presidente, your ass will move fast.

rob bjc addendum:
A free loaf of bread from PANERA, established as SAINT LOUIS BREAD COMPANY? Did I not boast to "Rachel" that I sipped my java at their "Flagship Panera location" across the Richmond Heights/Clayton, Missouri divide from their Corporate Headquarters, and a few minutes later, the JFK Tower man said "stuff" about flagship this, flagship that. "Coincidence?" UK people, we shall not be working all of the "VAN BUREN" clues today. That, I believe, is Buckingham Palace/Scotland Yard "stuff."

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