Friday Rigged Bingo: Don't Miss It!

"We" want to know if .mafia has switched from VIAGRA to CIALIS? Yes, I did see the "Girl banged behind bedroom door, go down to dinner with 'The Family' scene" in The Godfather, and that movie is still all I know about the real Mafia. Should I start a new blog to issue denials? Not nuts. Not selling drugs. Not gay (who was "WILLIAM GAY," Mormons?) Not banging 14 year- old females. Did I close-down the Marines war criminal training camp last night? Oh, that's right, I'm not elected yet.

I encourage all mafia/drugboys/thugboys to threaten me this weekend, because I will get in your face and tell you I'm WILLIAM V, and shut the f*** up. Want "proof?" On the following banking question in the September, 2010 issue of CFO, I answered exactly opposite of the ahmurican, got no rights, dumb as a rock respondents.

Rank the following kinds of banks in order, from lowest to highest, based on the public's current trust in them:
A. National banks
B. Local Banks
C. Credit unions
D. Banks in which the government has a stake

USA said: D, A, B, C.
WILLIAM V said: C, B, A, D.

Hey fools, have I mentioned you're flat broke?

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