Sam-Sam Goes Shoppin'

In a brilliant "sneak attack," Hughes languished at STARBUCKS, pondering the meaning of life and wondering, "Does anybody have a damn job?" Long lines, and a TV/Movie star even old coot me recognized smoking and directing traffic out front. For fun and prizes, two hints: 1) There is a "St. Louis Connection," though not at Lambert these days, and 2) Her initials are "C.R."

Oh, the humanity!, at DOLLAR TREE, where the manager who likes me did not appear until it was all over, and I said, "I made it, without incident." Who was that tall girl who works at WHOLE FOODS, brave enough to chat with the Great Hughes? The security guard who likes me is still there? Are they open on Chistmas, those barefoot Bolsheviks? Nah, probably not.
AVIATION QUOTE OF THE DAY [full www.fec.gov disclosure requires I state it was, uh, from a few days ago, I think]
TOWER: "You will maintain mandatory FAA separation."
PILOT: "Roger."
Who was "Charles Howard?"

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