Scared Yet?

Liar. Cokehead. Slut *uckin' in the White House "stand up" penis kind of guy! Wanna argue on TV? Saving grace? Only he & Blum could turn me into a Republican, and Hillary, who killed Vince Foster? "We" want to know. Pammy, the NSA "Ponytail Division" knows you said my face would be on that maoutain someday. A POTUS-servicing drug snitch & coke whore, but correct!

Boys (the new ones that is) we are paying a little vist to Ft. Meade and the NSA. For the inevitable (Lynn) Getty Image, I want an Uzi, too. Oh, the show! It must go on, right Mr. Silver? Right! The new, not nuts, Royal as well Commander in Chief dude can't have a gun? Get a life!

No flying? rattled the china on Melanie Street, what little we 'po folks had. Killed my mother eh, USA? Here it is and don't drop the Wi-Fi please.new web site? yeah, but as the idiots have said for many years, let's "Do it!"
Dudes, did 'ya hear? I AM WILLIAM V, and the last King to fire the P.M. was...WILLIAM IV.
A STATE OF WAR EXISTS BETWEEN THE UK AND USA--again. Why? Oh, eight years of torturing the king (me), and by the way, the U.S. is nothing more than a big terror state. Ask the rest of the world's intel services if you don't believe me.
Drive carefully, as Russian .mafia might hit your car, if not you (with bullets and everything, kids). Are the trees getting bigger, again? What did they do to my old F-4? Bastards! Scum! Find me an old MIG as I BOOM, hit the eject button! W-A-R. can you spell it?

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