One guy said, upon peeking at my DELL computer screen, "At least you know how to have half a chance on the computer." Cookie & The Captain? Let the record stand RMN "perfectly clear." Hughes cried all the way through his first TV appearance. (But hung out with the "stars" later in comfort). Ouch! Kooks, at least one thing has changed. TV? Football stadium full of people? Not a problem. However, if one of the roster of "peek-a-boo" actresses wanted to go to [you fill in the blank]...I'm a "good listener" and Dave L. advises to comment on scents. Blood in the water? "It's about time." Yep, it's business, business, business, girls. Where did my Harry S. photo go with the white suit, spotlight, and all others looked...kinda mortal? "Sharp-dressed man" he was. Oh, "they" don't want the Key West type suit. No, no cowboy boots. No hair...uh...trim. What did my teen advisor say on A1A? "You need to improve your posture." As the uncles said, in reference to both allies & enemies, I am now sure, "Where do they get these people?"
until I get server time but no servants, I don't know whether to file a piece as humor or tragedy, so shall we quote "Bobby" once more? Sure thing....."Welcome to California."
One-sixth of the whole world's wealth? Is that a good guess? Son, petrol was 21.9 cents U.S. when I first.....sheriff, where's my car? Never mind, as I've come to like communing with all of your fruit & nut cases. These here ca kooks are still stumping this mental health wars veteran on a whole new DSM of "Space Kadet" mental illnesses. Nice 'lil digital dish on that LEM, Howie, but even if I show an old diagram to locals, and say, "There it is," all's I get is that same old helicopter at the same point on the horizon when I take a breather.
What does it mean? What does it mean? I suppose it means someone is not "done" with what I call "spy Zoology." Did I write a will? Is it valid as hell without question waiting for you a-holes? Yes! Where's Charles' will? Too bad I know. Romaine files? Naturally, William knows. Photos of Howard Sr. and the Gano's? No problem! The "Cedar Chest Letters?" Set-up but good, you are. PENSKE RIVERPORT--It's just me & a skinny Bridgeton, Missouri cop. How many aliases out of READING, PENNSYLVANIA? Over 20, and my favorite one-oops!-how St. Louis Hughesoise do we want to get? "DAVE CARGO?" Aw, maybe that's second place to TERESA GERDING + CHUCK COLSON = "TERESA COLSON."
Thanks for no help I can see, but it looks like I've got a Navy and Air Force, too. Further, they might just help someday, if not today, before I burn down Ottawa or Washington D.C. (again). Instead, let us rip a new anus in the LOS ANGELES BUSINESS LEADERS TASK FORCE ON HOMELESSNESS and their apologist squawk box JERRY NEUMAN. Don't you "Chuck Wagons" and "Puzzle Boys" know this "mess," albeit large, is merely a cabal of old spooks and their "inside jokes?" So sorry, but not, I "get" most of them, and you are but a worthless little spy turd. If you do not believe I, The Great Hughes, used to be a bureaucrat, prepare to have your "task force" heads handed to you by a guy who has made friends with the "Computer Girl" and "Photocopier Fix-It Guy" since 1977. AB, we truly have some "Real Men of Genius" on our hands out here, and don't ask me how I found your damn West Coast brewery; homing genes--no free beer. BTW, I like that "thang" of mine on Secret Service SUV's & helicopters, and "we" will get to that later, right boys?
Did you say the "chronic homeless" take a disproportionate share of the resources? Trouble is, that is a worn-out mental health system truism that might not be true in a "mini-depression," but Calvinists with 2.5 kids, a shiny new Toyota automobile, and tidy white briefs on their butts always sniff status quo along with their white powder. Yes, it was Paragraph four (4) of Alexandra Zavis' Los Angeles Times propaganda piece where I wrote "Kiss of death" in red next to UNITED WAY and CHAMBER (pot) OF COMMERCE. Have these guys seen any young dudes selling crack lately? Had a firearm waved in their vicinity? I'm not bragging, but goddamn it, I'm running for president with ample "street cred," to be sure.
RULE #1: "Implementing the plan" = we're not doing shit.
RULE #2: "In 90 days?" You're really, really, really, not doing shit.
Did you say "Rubber to the road?" Oh, you mean anti-grav hovercraft for the wealthy, and a dead wino in the gutter is still a dead wino come 2015, right?
YOU BET YOUR VILLARAIGOSA! "A permanent roof over people's heads must be the priority."
True men of genius! "Brilliant" minds! Obammy wants to end "chronic homelessness?" This "initiative" is dead in the water if I've been out in the elements for 20 months with a Master's Degree from Jesuits and civilians, lots of professional publications, plus 20 years of Mental Health Professional experience. Please, Mr. President, I need a briefing on how placing a Letter to the Editor or Op Ed piece was far easier before I found out I own the freakin' world.
Is that "blacklisted," or perhaps "whitelisted," sir?
More aid for drunk and stoned Vets? Puuuleeeze, I'm the one who could not pry much information out of the VA, even with my world famous (but not) metaphysical plumber's crowbar, and a state statute behind me, to boot. Isn't it about 25% more salary than the state farm bureaucrat, no work required? Me? Job at the Veteran's Administration? Another "close but no cigar?" And, what did I say, NSA?
"If I got that job with what's coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, I really would be a terrorist."
Did I read Con-rad Hilton was "clipped" for 13 million dollars U.S.? Added to 230 million dollars...for what? A "shakedown" of sorts? Allow The Great One to guess...they included county jail cots as "social service," and in a very real CA perverse manner, they are. The great mass of "they" continue to abuse drugs and "avoid treatment?" Shocked! Shocked I was to read that no enterprising social work scam artists have set up revolving door "treatment" programs and made themselves some money.
How about the HUGHES COLD TURKEY TREATMENT CENTER (HCTTC)? We slap the "patient" with a 2x4 and shout, "Stop it!" That will be $60,000, Jerry. Did you say Nazi zoning games have caused homeless advocates to have "met resistance" in the NIMBY USA tradition?
Sir/ma'am, meet my liberal, can't find no job, even with a J.D., hungry as junkyard dogs pack of lawyers when I get my capital. Son, did Mr. Neuman say "reach out," or what we call "outreach" in the snowy, homeless really, really do freeze to death so Babbitt has to do more than lie Midwest? Cali-fornia city & county officials have to "help take care of them?" Really? Do I have to wheel-out "Teach a bum to fish, don't feed him laxative-laced food at the church" platitudes?
Lies, lies, lies--they're the official state language of California, and many a "down & out" West Coast guy or gal might die if Hughes does not make it back to the USA. I fear Arizona is lost as well, so ironically, the new border, in my opinion, is called "New Mexico." Roswell? As Dr. Hood said many years ago of my career plans and a young William V not including the George H.W. Bush-led Central Intelligence Agency as an option, "That figures."

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