Battle of the Sludge

"They" love my diary, don't they? Don't steal it, because the "Sheriff in a Cop Car," or as I have termed it, the "Sheriff-Cop Combo" might arrest you. Why would they arrest me, Ding-Dong?

9:48 a.m.
CARROTS are out, "VEG. MIXED VEG." are in, because "we" have to write "Veg." 2x, and it just has to be in fake DWT handwriting. We're all so "black famous," I can't stand it. DOWNED CANADIAN F-18 = NO SUMMER AIR SHOWS. Let's get on UTUBE and watch AIR SHOW DISASTERS. Why that plane tunbling into the crowd is almost as good as the 9/11 video of U.S. Persons jumping out of a burning World Trade Center. As grandma, the one with real George H.W. Bush signatures on her greeting cards said, "Sick."

Thanks, grandma.
And, have a nice day.

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