MK ULTRA Mental Health 101

1989 was a very, very, very bad year for Mr. Hughes. In 2010, the bust is on, with some rather unexpected helpers.

Try to boycott blogging for one day, and i get more lies made up about me, even when trying to help a bald guy make the Goebel Senior Adult Center's DELL 755 work right. How many years was William IV on the throne? Seven (7). When was I born? 19(55). Dell (755), eh? "You were raised right, so you do right." Those were the words of my 5300 Arsenal Street schizophrenic, and I now wonder if there is a law prohibiting their employment in the West Wing, given what I've seen of the United States "Intelligence" Community. Shhhhh...keep it secret; some of them are not that smart.

First off, do you know what "schizophrenia" is? No, you don't. Do you know what "psychotic" means? No, you don't. Do you know what "incompetent" means, in a legal sense? No, you don't. Good God, even if you are a lawyer or medical doctor (other than psychiatrist), I don't think you do, but Mr. Hughes does. I fought my mental health battles with EMS body-snatchers, corrupt doctors & hospitals, legal drug pushers, cops who would rather see the nursing home burn down than lift a finger, nurses who did in fact buddy-up with "Bill" to keep some folks out of the loony lock-up, plus in their married with children spare time, defeated a big hospital chain on their chicanery, and "we" aren't naming names, are we?

Oh, and how about the "Water Man" who did not kill me, when even the policeman's brass said, "We're not going in there," (with 9mm pistols). So, I stayed away from that "House Full of Guns" case, one of many I do not have time to tell you about, but SCOTT GIOVANETTI at the Missouri Department of Mental Health Eastern Region Office had better watch out for thieves, because just about every Mental Health Coordinator case I investigated was a "set up" of some kind, and litigation is inevitable. Don't think "Romaine," GUARD THOSE FILES, BOYS.

I will be faxing Mr. Giovanetti myself, as soon as I'm once more not killed in Thousand Oaks, California for daring to take another breath. Scott's predecessor once said, "Bill, you're a good man," when I was seen odering up the usual luxurious lunch of Cheese-Its and a Coca-Cola from a vending machine down the hall from my old office. Now I see today the people who took over my office are out of work as well; something about a budgetary problem. How well I remember counting the dead bodies during 2003-2005 that resulted from our layoff to save the State of Missouri a lousy $930,000. In government work, safety vs. death requires a "cost-benefit analysis," and that one was done so poorly, I have a right to call for people to land in the slammer, and I certainly will name names.

Excited? Don't you have a job, a life, or hobby or two? Why spend a lot of time and money (billions of $$ € € £ £) denying my rights, when I am kicking your butt on handouts? Back on the mental health beat, a judge, or two, or three, or four, or five, on "your side" never hurts.....and at least one said, "Sit down next to me (on the bench) and do your paperwork." And how about, "They can call me at home if they need to"? Yes, I was the "good cop" who explained to Vietnamese families you can't treat the mental hospital room like a condo, where the guy lives there indefinitely, but now I know the guy's "M.O." of snatching food off luncheon plates at SAINT LOUIS BREAD COMPANY meant more than I thought in 2000 a.d.

And, how about the Bosnians, who were shocked at my efficiency and the fact no palm came out for a green greasing, as was the case, no doubt, with any official back home. You should have seen the look on their faces, right Bill Clinton (D)? The look said, "Government man? No bribe required? It must be the real Hughes!" Fooey, I'm AMC rambling agin, so let's hit 'em hard, boys:

Why did the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) study schizophrenics--a lot?

i) They can predict the future (ESP).
ii) They are, at times, "remote viewers," e.g. know all about you and your life when there is no "normal/rational" means for them to know.
iii) They, or at least some of them, can read your mind (the "old-school" way).

Have a nice day.
addendum: but not at the senior center, where they are now counting my cups of coffee. Is caffeine on the DEA Schedule yet? Not yet?

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