Polish Sausage

Gov'ment types and .mil spooks don't like it when the civilian flotilla looks more like this.

Once again "we" see an intact flight deck on a Tupolev 154M aircraft that mushed the Polish President over where, Mr. Putin? Oh, Russia...I see. Leave it to "The Aviator's" not secret at all grandson to figure out "they" have a way to crash a plane and the flight crew walks away. No? How about the one in 2007, where fireman and policeman were waiting at the end of the wrong concrete to pull them out? Passengers? Oh, fooey! They all seem to be dead. People, I would not get on a commercial aircraft if the fare were LA>>NY for $19.99. And, let's clarify with local "Black Tea Bag" conservatives. First, you are not "conservative," you are Christian-kook nuts, and second, I strongly dislike the current president, I do not "hate" him. Didn't we go through all of that rot with "Dubyah?" Yes, we did, and NSA knows all about it, don't they? Can I get a court order on my stalkers & misc. nutcase someday? Never mind, because I actually like most of them.
Yes, it's happening again--with no need for blacked-out hotel windows. Not yet, anyway, but probably soon, because don't I know well that skilled sociopaths and mentally ill individuals can be dangerous. Skeptical of the "Mental Health Authority?" Spies, why not sniff around for my hallowed signature among files in the 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd Circuit Courts in the State of Missouri? It wasn't me? Are you nuts? I'm not, but the running for president thing makes me wonder sometimes.
Have a nice day.

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  1. William,

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    Big Sinker