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post-it note: have I mentioned I am tired of this spy crap?" Where did my photo of a gravestone with a rose on it go? Is the Bloom family in prison yet? Not yet?

Written at the Methodist Church at Janss & Windsor, Thousand Oaks, California, USA on 03.14.09. Given I am, to use the old language, "Without mental disease or defect," I think I am fully qualified to direct one of thescreenplays I wrote, six and one-half of which were penned without knowing of my ancestry. Insisting I'm "crazy," Mafia? Since the early 1970's, "mental" health has been moving away from "mental," to behavioral. In most states it is called a "mental disorder," and sorry, greedy kooks, this oil & aerospace man running for president does not have one. Denied legal counsel in the United States of America? For eight years? THIS IS A VALID WILL.

I, William Charles Hughes, firmly believe my mental state to be sound and free from any type of diagnosable DSM IV mental disorder. I was falsely diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 1989, during a hospitalization that any prudent investigator would find to have [been] a political maneuver to deprive me of my wealth. There were no subsequent admissions for psychiatric care, and medication levels during the period 1991-1995 were light, and from 1996-2007 sub-therapeutic. This was by design, because I somehow knew third parties wanted me to assume what medical sociologists call "The Sick Role," however, I did not know why.
The "why" has turned out to be all assets that flow from HUGHES TOOL COMPANY and the oil drilling technology developed by my great-grandfather, HOWARD ROBARD HUGHES SR.Experiences on what is sometimes referred to as "The Dark Side" of the U.S. Intelligence Community have convinced me--as the "community" expresses itself these days--there is a greater than ninety-five percent (95%) probability I am the "covert" grandson of HOWARD ROBARD HUGHES, JR.
I expect, should my life end before I begin the process of "reverse engineering" all legal work adjudicated from the time of Howard Hughes, Jr.s' death, that this will proceed without me, as it is my last wish that HUGHES INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION be established as a charitable foundation with the following goals:
1. Redistribute Hughes wealth such that the worldwide assets do not increase relative to their value at the time of my death, and further, should there be static economic growth or losses, it is my wish that up to fifty percent (50%) of worldwide Hughes assets be transferred to the charitable work of Hughes International Foundation, based on the decision-making of an eleven member board, the composition of which will be described later in this document.
2. I direct there be at least one Hughes International Foundation office in each of the fifty (50) states of the United States of America, and a minimum of one office in every nation on Earth, except the European Union, which will host the foundation headquarters in London.
3. The work of the Foundation shall address the following human service needs:
A. Health and mental health, by funding the construction and operation of hospitals, clinics, and mental health facilities worldwide.
B. Supporting the infrastructure of developing countries through funding, via private or public sector agencies, roads, bridges, ports, or any project deemed by the Hughes International Foundation Board of Directors, heretofore referred t as "the Board," to be supportive of economic development.
C. Agribusiness and food production in developing countries to develop nutrition self-sufficiency.
D. Alternative energy projects worldwide, with an emphasis on replacing petroleum products and the internal combustion engine with more clean and efficient alternatives.
E. The exploration of space through private sector investment, with an emphasis on radio astronomy and new generations of Hubble-quality telescopes, conducted with an openness to the possibility we are not alone in the universe.
F. The construction and operation of low and moderate income housing, to attack homelessness with particular attention to the needs of the disabled through supplementing public housing programs and providing private capital for families with low and moderate income to become homeowners.
4. Should this not be accomplished or underway by the time of my death, my wish is for all Hughes technologies devoted to intelligence gathering to be disabled or destroyed. This also applies to technologies that may be deployed by the United States Government. To repeat my explicit directive, all Hughes proprietary technology related to "spying" is to be destroyed.
5. To the maximum extent possible, my relatives by birth are not to interfere with my last wishes. I consider them to be thoroughly corrupted by an unconscionable system of "National Security" practices I was never made aware of, never participated in, and once these policies and practices were partly uncovered through my own self-investigation, I proclaimed to the best of my ability that I do not support them. Therefore, I direct any attorney or "legal team" defending my final wishes to work vigorously on preventing a repeat of robbery and extortion conducted by elements of organized crime and the U.S. Intelligence Community 1976-1986, following my grandfather's death.
Especially after a "false" life of service occupations, middle-class economic standing, psychological operations directed against me, physical torture perpetrated on me, and a Mafia-Intelligence Community imposed period of homelessness, during which I never yielded to thugs, I expect my final wishes and directives to be carried out.
The composition of the Hughes International Foundation Board of Directors shall be as follows:
--Two members from an intelligence agency background.
--Two members with a background in the armed services
--Two members with a background in academia.
--Two members from journalism and/or the electronic media.
--One medical doctor who is a psychiatrist.
--One social service professional.
--One activist who opposes the activities of our U.S. Military/Corporate/Intelligence Complex.
William Charles Hughes, 03.14.09
First posted on AbolishTheCIA.org on 03.15.09
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