Spy-Pill Pushers

Fidel Castro is still alive and writing about the Bilderberg Hotel? Are there Doodleburgers available nearby? Hey, if an anarchist offered me a spot on his barge in Holland, a McDonald's in Amsterdam stood ready to hire me, Johnny Guitar Watson's ("I'll have two hot dogs and a strawberry soda") music was pumped to the street from the Dutch record shop, and Jimmy Carter asked, though a counselor official, "What does Hughes think of me?" as they said at Castro's Back Room Cigar Shop in Concord, New Hampshire, "Anything can happen," and probably will. Speaking of my will, I made a new copy, every e-spy in Thousand Thieves knows about it, and guess what, Bilderboogers? It is valid, was posted to Soldier Boy's Internet on 03.15.09, and can you surmise GOOGLE-D-GOO is going to host it soon?

Drama! Drama! And, oh how the worldwide economy has fallen since I wrote the damn thing and attached my big oil revenue "giveaway" to...what? Capitalism, and its performance, so just who is sabotaging economic growth all over the world? Is Obama's daddy really dead? And, I'm afraid that is not a joke, son, though I wish it were. Let's kill him today, let's kill him on Friday, let's kill him on the 30th, let's kill him when the moon is full, let's give the girl a gun and.....how about let's cut the crap and get a Hughes campaign going before a rival politician's plane crashes, and the .gov Cucko-Birds try to blame it on me, like in Mao's China.

We now go to a 100% sane, not ranting at all blog piece I wrote on 08.12.10. I tried to post it on 08.14.10, but got only the first paragraph up before you all started acting crazy, and today, "they" are really acting crazy. Must have something to do with bushels of faxes out to the MISSOURI STATE PATROL, RICHMOND HEIGHTS POLICE DEPARTMENT, UNIVERSITY CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, PAGEDALE POLICE DEPARTMENT, JENNINGS POLICE DEPARTMENT, LADUE POLICE DEPARTMENT, and ILLINOIS STATE POLICE. (Those are in Missouri, California coked-up killer kook). Up next, THE NEW YORK STATE POLICE, via ANDREW CUOMO at the NEW YORK ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE. Then, my favorite (if I'm still alive), the MADISON, WISCONSIN POLICE DEPARTMENT. Who invented Starbucks? How about the fax machine? Never mind.

Did I really charm the NOVARTIS rep oh so long ago I don't recall his name? Don't blame BUSH/OBAMA torture, Hughes, you just plain forgot. How about ELI LILLY and the memo that forbade our nursing troops from taking too many pens & Post-Its? Didn't I call Lilly in Indianapolis while writing Shame of the Sane? Sure did, and as I clearly recall, hung-up on them when they tried to play me like I was suicidal, due to an excess of inquiry regarding their big moneymaker at the time, PROZAC.

No, dumb bitch, I'm the crisis worker, but what ELI LILLY may have known is, I'm HH 2.0, and at present, only "king" of some dunces and rejected Don's. ASTRA ZENECA? Hello, it was me near near your headquarters, totally by accident, after many 5300 Arsenal/Ward H consultations, and when I saw your building, that explained with certainty the motorcade of "Dark Side" civilians and .mil spooks.

Did a D.C. area .mil spook really ask if I wanted to hijack the nuclear command structure of USA? Why, I should have called the local policeman, but I did not have time to check the MD/DC/VA statutes regarding civil v. criminal options for total nutcases. Long intro this was to NOVARTIS' "smart pills" and PHILIPS "intelligent pills." Data transmitted from my tummy? Please pass the TUMS, and believe it or not, the factory used to be right next to the ballyard in St. Louis for Whitey Herzog's convenience. I should have known I was a "target" of a spy ring when I was told ballplayers were being traded due to "cokenoses," not substandard batting averages.

Didn't I hear the female half of a spy couple at the Colinga, California MOTEL 6 say, "I read his first book, but not the second." Yes, Shame of the Sane was/is the first one, and it tells you, albeit tangentially, all about why "smart pills" are a bad idea, and an even worse one when the gov'ment gets interested in whether you are taking your pills or not. that's between you and your physician--period. Oh, it would be "secure," and "confidential?"

Hey UK & USA, I do not know much about computers, but if you are stupid enough to take a "smart" pill of the future, sure as you're born, an intelligent neighbor kid, age 12 or 13, will exclaim, "Mrs. Mitchell's so full of shit, she's taking a stool softener!"

Barnes & Noble is going out of business, per the WSJ via Yahoo? USA, better run for the Canadian crooks at BORDERS, before all books are banned!!! Or, is book burning the "plan," and brother, it is THAT bad. Good thing BP and TR are maybe helping poor Mr. H--it's about time, gentlemen. The Canadian border guard did not say it in front of four witnesses? Yes he did, and it is long past time to.....what? GO TO COURT!!! ready for Watergate 10x excitement? Don't say "crazy," I'll say "I do," and I am NOT getting married, Mafia, to nobody (excuse me..."no one." Time to clean-up the grammar, as I AM RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, NAZI/COMMIE/ANARCHIST boys & girls, and the chief border guard/Hughes-search man did say, "Now Mr. Hughes, don't go buying up Canada."

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