New! But The Same!

Reverend Jim Ignatowski is representative of my peer group? Not when three federal courthouses have overstaffed on the security guys when Mr. Hughes shows, and they all wear that grin. Shall we go for four federal courthouses? Frankly, my dear, I prefer Eagleton's, and it does look like a big penis, doesn't it?

"Good engineers solve big problems with complex solutions you could never understand. Great engineers apply such simple solutions that you can't believe you didn't figure them out yourself."

Preston Learner, Popular Science, May, 2007

"They" don't like my diary segments posted on this here Internet, so they really, really, won't like excerpts from the "Cop Notebook"--my little spiral-bound at the top, fits in your pocket, easy to whip-out notebook.
Q: Why have dozens of pens been donated to me (the real Hughes) in California?
A: I don't know, but Brad's computer is also broken.
"Call the cops, call the cops, call the cops".....are we in Thousand Oaks, perhaps?
Brain Jacked Nation new title
City of T.O white SUV U-Turn @ Conejo Valley Plaza & Moorpark
9:25 a.m.
Why did they kill Hunter Thompson?
"Little Bird" by Annie Lennox on McDonald's Muzac + I knock stuff on floor involuntarily. Look up--BOSE SPEAKERS, eh?
"White" casing on the speakers, eh? Bose noise-cancelling block-out spy babble headphones--essential in T.O., but then, if you are homeless, you'll be accused of being a Schizophrenic, but the German businessman wears them on long flights, doesn't he? It's the beat [in the muzac] right "Huey Lewis?"
Who owns 99.9 Santa Barbara?
What is the CA education budget?
$1.00 + $2.00 = $3.00 PAC money sitting @ McDonald's.
9/30 Quarter ends
Due 10/15/10
Lotus "Elise?"
MI-6, get on [R-----ford's] butt.
"Lady in White"--So in jail!
CA 7B47800 Blk pickup in front of UPS
6FMV276 Blk Impala
5:50 p.m.
SUPINE VALLEY Who is in the room Thurs. eve?

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