Simply Orange Rat

The polling places have closed, so let's all wave guns at Hughes to "vote," Mafia-style, on the truth of whether the following defence firms have "checked-in" with the man commandeering RALPH'S CART 729.

MCDONNEL DOUGLAS (1960's & 1970's)
GENERAL DYNAMICS (1980's & 1990's)
NORTHRUP GRUMMAN (2x) (Time of employment unknown)
MARTIN MARIETTA (Currently Employed)
LOCKHEED (1970's & 1980's)
TELEDYNE ((1970's & 1980's)
BOEING (2001-?)

Hail! Hail! the gang's all here! And, they are acting super-crazy, not me. May I go home now? May I make a movie now? May I go home, then make a move in ST. PETERS, MISSOURI? K & J will serve refreshments for the cast and crew, won't they? Sure they will! My "computer guy" lives out there, and he can do stuff to it make it work better. And, as a bonus, he won't steal the damn thing, now will he? As for the "run for president" thing, I promise not to launch anything until I have the proper authorization.

Hey Old Mafia, despite what you think, there is consensus in front of the Dollar Tree & Ralph's, and that is, you've got to go. Whether you go to hell of Club Fed is not up to me--yet. I see unmet human service needs all over the place, consistent with a lot of charities, many faith-based, that serve an ever-expanding army of poor, elderly, and non-white. I am not an angry, white, middle-class man, I am just plain angry, and a f---ing trillionaire. Forming a "non-profit" and paying yourself six figures to "look good?" I thought that went out of style during the 1990's, but some scams never die.

Got a bank? Why not take T.A.R.P money and pass your losses on to customer in the form of ever-higher fees? Q: What was an "Insufficient Funds" fee for bouncing a check when Mr. Hughes started working at the bank? A: $5.00. Q: What was the overdraft fee when Mr. Hughes stopped working at the bank? A: $7.00. "5" & "7"? Were "they" trying to tell me something in 1980? Not funny at all.

Nope, and what I will tell anybody lawful who will listen is, the little holes in my "Black Diamond" brand jacket, and my hand, were likely drilled by particle beams, I believe from a space-based TORTURE PLATFORM. More computing power = more potent black magic, and given "they" don't like my Orange predisposition, the bottle of Simply Orange O.J. shattering with no "normal" stress on it is a "not so tough to figure" clue. Yes, the nasty, should be banned immediately forces are getting more powerful.

And, to really stir-up the addicted to Coast to Coast a.m. masses, how about a rat that died right in front of me, lay still & stiff for [REDACTED] minutes, then got up and ate some of my generic, Dollar Tree, made in Chesapeake, Virginia, Nacho Cheese corn chips? Now we're talking weapons, not "spy toys," and this is beyond my silly blog serious, because I saw what I saw, I am a V71.09 reporter, mental health lynch mob, 100% credible, and let's not think about what you could do with that technology if it is possible to go from rat brain to human.

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