The President Is Right (For Once)

Closed, with "stimulus" windows. When I get there, I can't do that. No way.

Don't I love reading USA's "disinfo." It's a hobby, one of many, but gosh, it's hard to tweak the REGA RB-600 when it is being held hostage on Olympic Avenue in LA. Instead, I read the dot lies, and the lies in print, and I think--an activity that "they" will soon forbid, unless "we" figure out who they are. Lies & statistics--don't you all know that line? Proceeding from there, how can home sales down by 33%, even with an $8,000 tax credit, constitute a "recovery," "headed in the right direction"?

Sorry, Mr. President, that's bullfeathers. But, doesn't he get it right on the fact, as lie-packed rag The Week reported, the whole Middle East mess hinges on the"Palestinian issue [as] the main source of Middle East tension." This is what O-bam-A said, and he was/is correct. Are we done yet? No, we're not, and if we are not, can someone tell me where the--bugged how many ways?--audio from my "key" conversation on this topic can be obtained legally?

Let's cover the "bugs" first, and do not holler "mental disorder," unless I can:

a) Get some sleep; and
b) Blow you out the door of any courtroom (with testimony, Ding-Dong).

Ladies and gentlemen, "b" has been done already, so "they" don't want to rumble that way, they send an endless supply of what I call "Drug Boys," "Thug Boys," and "Rodents," but the beautiful spy gal is absent, as are the actresses who merely play peek-a-boo. However, the security cam demonstrates I was 8 feet away, and the tables are bolted-down, so I stepped it off, and you can't change it, but "they" can toss people in jail.

Hey, Cuckoo-Birds, this is still the USA (I think), so unlike Mao's China, you can't just say, "I don't like Hughes, he's goin' to jail." Sorry, MAXWELL SMART'S, you can't do that, because:

A) Policeman is a bureaucrat with a gun, so he's essentially lazy.
B) As a famous spy has been forced to admit for 26 years, I'm not "doing anything" criminally actionable, and the civil attempts were thwarted by tricks like the MO "home court" making my car model the case number.

Yes, it helps to have friends in the statehouse and courthouse, and this is truly an accomplishment with no envelopes of cash to distribute, nor any illegal substances, despite what your drunken street snitches may have reported. Back to the people I call "surveillance gods," try northbound on I-95, discussing the "Palestinian Question" with:

1) Me bugged.
2) Her wired.
3) My car bugged.
4) A-sat looking down on "PBJ."
5) Maybe more "devices," as no one trusts anyone in the U.S. Intelligence Community.

I stand accused of "rambling,;' so here is the "neither of us are dead yet," BULLET POINTS:

  • HER: Have a war, and keep the land.

  • HIM: It's a UN creation, so you can't do that.

  • HER: A-rabs are bad--they are terrorists.

  • HIM: What's your source?

  • HER: "They" will kill us all.

  • HIM: Yes, if we f--- with them.

  • HER: Jews are chosen, we can do anything we want.

  • HIM: I'm Catholic, and no you can't. Not okay!

Do you need more?

have a nice day.

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