"What You Got Holds Water"

"Even though we've reduced the deluge of job losses to a relative trickle, we are not yet creating jobs at a pace to help all of those families who've been swept up in the flood. There are more than 7 million fewer Americans with jobs today than when this recession began."

- Barack Obama

"Your code is 'water'."

- Comcast Man, November, 2008

It was only a "test dose" of the stuff that was supposed to kill me. And, what did I say? "I sound like CHARLES RANGLE." Had the PARADIGM PLUMBING* man just stopped by? Yes, he had, and I kept my H-eye on him. Would "they" put some toxic crap in my radiators? I wondered this to myself, even after failing to cut a swatch off an air conditioner filter that would have ended your Mafia! Mafia! game long ago. Why did I not cut the filter from 911 St. Rita Avenue that had gooey brown stuff on it that looked like dark honey? Believe it or not, I did not want to be seen buying a surgical mask, due to the threat of "bioterror," and whatnot.

Hughes, you could have wet a washcloth and cut the thing up, I thought to myself the other day. It was kind of like telling the Starbucks lad about our natural gas fire--"Call 911! Get everybody out of the building! Call 911 again, it's a gas line on fire! Mild smoke inhalation, emptied the fire extinguisher, then went back in the building with very stoned Clayton, Missouri firemen, Smoking some pot at the firehouse? Sure looked like it, after they took way too long to arrive. Waiting for an explosion on "Alamo," were we, Bob? And, the City Manager got a job where? With an oil company, eh?

Yes, the young computer whiz Barista said, "Why didn't you just turn-off the valve?" [on the flaming gas line]. Hughes felt dumb for a second, until realizing that crawling around looking for the shut-off valve as the smoke got worse would have been more stupid than fighting a fire that can't be put out. Bad crisis manager? Not really. The following is a test...it is only a test: "Mr. President, Outer Slobovia has launched a volley of ICBM's." Heeere's Hughes: "Oh really? What the f--- were they thinking? Son, give me some quick options, 'cause I'm just not gonna be late for Congressman Fikeldober's $100 a plate rubber chicken fundraiser."

Returning to toxic tales, I (incorrectly) figured "they" would not put respiratory arresting stuff in my radiators, and walked up to GIBSON'S BOOK STORE, but really I was wading through all of the "other guy's" 2008 New Hampshire Primary political operatives & spies November, 2007-January, 2008. "Whatever"--and you shouldn't have tried to eject me from the local Starbucks over that one word, which was not uttered with hostility. You were looking to toss me for no good reason, so now I'm going to court on it, and I already thought of a new name for your goody-two shoes, too expensive coffee stop.

Problems? Only that I did not whip out my new little "cop notebook" fast enough to write it down; consequently, I forgot the new name. Hanging out with USA's gilded Alzheimer Generation at the senior "Seizure Center" seems to cause me to forget a lot of stuff, but not to worry, when I can go back in time--no, not like that, Mafia fools, via magazines on the "Free Table." Returning to RANGLE-ing, so Charles the Great wanted to surtax your 1040 and--gasp!--raise some money for Uncle Sam, who is currently in the poorhouse.

How irresponsible, this talk of 4.0% or 4.6% additional taxation! On who? The top 1%? You can't do that! Even rookie politician but studied political theory his whole life HUGHES 2012 knows that! You mean to tell me with Congressman Rangel nearing his 40th year in Congress, he's all of a sudden a "slumlord?" Really? Truth be told, this libertarian with a small "l," who likes big government social insurance programs over faith-based handouts that perpetuate problems rather than solve them, would raise tax code rates for the USA's Holy 1% even more, and by gosh, as it turns out, I'm one of them. Why Sarah, I'm the lead sled dog for capitalism right now, though as the you-know-who said, "Looks can be deceiving."

So many same old/same old ward wackers are cheating on their spouses and putting cash in the freezer, I guess it's time to.....Have you put my semen on the rape kit yet? Not yet?

Have a nice evening.

*Does the average plumber, union or non-union shop, know what the word "paradigm" means? This I wondered in November of 2008. Hooksett, NH is home to those "Dark Side" killers? "The investigation is ongoing," right? United States Department of Justice? SO FIRED!!!

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