A Nazi? Really? Good thing they didn't kidnap me, although my impossible to defeat "memory video" tells me "they" tried. I may be getting somewhere, because more of "we" want to know who "they" are, and by the way, have you got a spare aspirin? Motrin? Tylenol? Something/anything?

What does the NSA do when you make a mistake? If it is an honest one, I guess they "Go away" [in my case so Russians can wreck my car before I toss little water bottles at Ft. Meade's very obvious surveillance vans]. "What does he mean? What does he mean?" cry the spies. I mean that when I told you-know-who when Richard Nixon was zonked on prescription drugs, drinking heavily, and talking to White House ghosts, he was "Haigized." What did I get out of that? A snotty, "You sound like you know him personally." No, I did not know "Al," but he knew me, and may he rest in peace, because RMN was, in fact, "Schlesingerized." I stand corrected, and will write more on how the same fellow (Schlesinger) has corrected the USAF recently, and please, let's cut the Mafia drama regarding whether I will be around to do so.

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