Fuck You, Ken: No Retraction, & Who Are You?

When Government Executive publishes this sort of commentary, I'll pass on checking the Spartacist League's website (that's a political joke, son).
"But some Utah citizens...recall that not long ago, NSA was secretly sucking up the phone calls and e-mails of people in the United States...Now the agency plans to use the same kind of surveillance tools to patrol the Internet for hackers and foreign cyber warriors.
Comments on [a dissenter's] blog reflected a broad mistrust of the intelligence community. 'Our government must end the Bush administration's de facto suspension of the Constitution,' wrote one commentator, echoing the fact that the Obama administration has embraced its predecessor's surveillance policies" [my emphasis]. Technology has given the government extaordinary power to collect information, analyze it and share it. But the law governs mostly the acquisition o fpersonal data, no twhat agencies actually do with it...They know that somehow the government can grab their e-mails and phone calls. What they don't really know is what agencies do with that information at those big data centers."
- Shane Harris, author of The Watchers: The rise of America's Surveillnace State (Penguin Press)
Hey, "Shane got to publish a book, and now you've done it. If I have time, Gangster Nation has a sequel now, titled Brain Jacked Nation. Want to help with the subtitle?eet me at McDonald's or Carl's Jr. s', because as one of the great one's put it, I am "Just another homeless guy out here.' and he is correct--for today, anyway. [My apologies again--somebody really likes to hack Goo-gle--a lot. To be continued...]
No William, say it in one minute--1) They will abduct you; 2) They will seize everything you own; 3) They might murder you.
God Bless America! Right Palin?

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