Freedom? What Freedom?

Did I not play the crap out of that JOHN MELLENCAMP cd before "they" wrecked my car intentionally? Gotta sell drugs to have political power in the USA. Mr. Mellenkamp knew it in the mid-1980's, and I sure know it now. That's why all Mafia(s) get not one red cent of Hughes $$$. Soldier Boy at the Defence Pentagon? Cut off, like an obnoxious drunk at an Anytown, USA tavern.

Did you all "enjoy" that video of the Iranian woman dying in the street because she'd had enough of religious extremists? Here in the U.S. you get killed by Jews, Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Methodists. Yes, I did notice Baptists abstain from the "action," and as for a "Chinese Christian Church," that's a bit like yet another rotten c--- USAF girl wanting food from the Middle East on FRIDAY. Finally, I asked the smiling counter girl, "Are you Muslims?" She smiled and said, "No, we're Lebanese Christians."

As Dr. Hood said of my 1975 disinterest in the Langley, VA Central Intelligence Agency, "That figures." What was the name of that bar near SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY where my grad school classmates just had to go on FRIDAY night? Damn, I forgot, but it is probably still there, like the EAGLETON COURTHOUSE, right? Right! How about those late 1980's stops at SOULARD'S, again on FRIDAY night? That drab old spook at the bar looked mighty bored, and sports fans, some things never change.

Gosh, grandma's "rebel' church was mighty crowded, you-know-who was in the last year of his life, and don't you know I am trying to recover that memory? Be it children molested, or alleged abducted by E.T. people, don't I know from my illegally seized truckload of psych books recovered memories are tricky business. That said, there is an old dude in the pew in front of us, to the left of grandma, with longish hair and a beard, wearing a gray suit. But is he tall enough?


Leave it to Ode, the magazine "For Intelligent Optimists" to really piss me off. "KIRK BOYD?" (Try the first name of my ex's possibly fictional new hubby + the last name of my Missouri Department of Mental Health computer gal they called a "sharp," who was always out on leave with a "sick baby.") Was that "spy talk?" Why were my initials taken off the Microsoft Word documents that served-up the team's minutes from my computer? Why was the name "MARK FELCHA" recorded as the computer's author of the documents when it was me? Where is the FUJI camera card where I took a "screen shot" of this madness before the United States Intelligence Community ran me out of another of what I call a "W-4/W-2 job, which despite what VANDENBERG CUCKOO-BIRDS may say, is the only way I've ever earned a buck? How about my "replacement" in a primarily female profession walking like me with the same height & weight? Where's my two boxes I left behind, Governor Nixon? Why does the "emon" server not reject my old DMH e-mail address? Why did the Missouri State Trooper (ret.) who challenged the state's e-mail tomfoolery lose his case? No standing? What is the legal standing of state e-mail? What is reality? Why am I standing on "T.O." streetcorners nearly being hit my nutcases in their BLACK suv's, when surely someone (and don't I know who) saved a copy of my e-mail and "Dr. Q's," too.

Who cares? Mitt & Tagg do, don't they? What I know from Ode is, Mr. Boyd wants: a) No war(s); b) Zero poverty; and c) A "sustainable planet" by 2048. Freedom from fear? When governments today exist primarily to lay some on you? Freedom for the environment? What? Does that mean I'm going to jail for whipping weeds? ("Dubyah" had better not clear any more brush in Crawford). Freedom from want? Hey, I'm currently and bizarrely homeless/houseless cock----er, and get outta my face, please. Freedom of religion? [CENSORED, UNTIL MR. HUGHES HAS A DUB CROUCH "HOT MIKE" AND MANY CITIZENS ASSEMBLED] Hint: "Oh my God, it's the ghost of EUGENE DEBS, and he's turned Republican! Run! Run for cover!!!" Freedom of speech? Mafia! Mafia! They don't talk too much, and they will control your geopolitical entity, if they don't already.

It looks grim, but as a fellow St. Louisian once sang, "Don't worry, be happy." At least until you hear that emergency zzzit, zzzit, zzzit on the radio, the air raid sirens go off in a wailing pattern, and please, under no circumstances should you blame World War III on me. Did you say MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA is gone? My kingdom for a server!

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