08.29.10 5:39 p.m.

Rob takes down WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY AT SAINT LOUIS, BARNES JEWISH HOSPITAL, and the West End East of Kingshighway--everything except Tom's Bar & Grill, which we've already discussed in "team" meetings. Me? I'm after SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY, FATHER "BEYONDO," AND TENET HEALTH CARE. Park far away for "orientation," and send out hitmen? The Security Thugs were going to beat me up? No, only the patients, and I told the Bush Administration all about it? Shock & awed they were not regarding crass patient abuse. Hey, let's beat up some mentally retarded people! Who ever said Missouri was perfect? It's just looking a lot better than KookLAland. Roll the memory video, and "bye, bye," you're headed to a black hole, just for "Homeland" terrorists, not exactly Club Fed prison. Oh yes you are.

"Holy shit! The synopsis of #9 just came to me along with a role for C[ ], if she wants it. You f---s read minds, watch through optic nerves, you are screwed, and you know it. That said, the sequel is purrrfect, in that it mirrors what is really going on down in Argentina now, Fernandez will, I hope, go ape---- (as we said in our youth), and want us down there for sure, and I am not even writing the plot of #9 down until the

INK IS DRY ON A DEAL (not a drug deal, moron, a MOVIE DEAL)."

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