Girls, Girls, Girls



Hey Sheriff, does a locket and a key mean "Lock them up and throw away the key?" Never mind. I know you are busy lending cars to Disney and Universal, while some Ventura County female gets beat up by her boyfriend for real.

All Republic of California creatures should know WINDOW FAX AND PICTURE VIEWER allows Hughes to give frank responses to the Computer Lab peanut gallery about sexual intercourse with Hollywood type girls. Yes, it is a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down"on sex, because there is no in between, unless you are Bill & Monica.

Here's some follow-up "inside jokes" on DEMI MOORE, who was featured in, of all places Pravda:

Where does she eat?
Where does she sleep?
Did she marry that young guy?

Maybe I need to pitch a script over lunch to someone/anyone. Right?

Mafia! Mafia!

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