Free Lunch 2.0

The Five (V) wave? No comment.

Thanks to all "legal" terrorists who think it is okay to hassle Mr. Hughes.
Did all of you rodents enjoy looking at my digital pictures of the Federal prison under construction in Los Banos? I thought it was kind of frightening, until I met all of you nutcases "On the street." Now, I'm going to get elected, and build 1000 of them, if necessary, because I taught the USA's Civics Class to, yes, 7th Graders, and am I ever pissed to find Mafia(s) run the world. I run UK, and then USA? The truly Free World's "Offer you can't refuse" will move off the silver screen to geopolitics. We now continue with the blog piece delayed by criminal pranksters and a stupid BBQ, and yes, it was Jackson Browne who rhymed "Hughes" with "barbecues," in a very good recording from Looking East, released in 1996. Hey, LA policeman, I have a copy in the illegally seized PENSKE TRUCK, don't I? What do you idiots want? Mafia--they don't talk too much.

I've never "hated" any person, but when it comes to California--a "place name"--good God above, do I ever hate California. No "briefing?" There must be two "they's" at play, because the other "they" told me in 1971, and it was Bill to Bill communication , because the speaker's name was "Bill," and he said, "Bill, don't ever go to California. You won't like it." Understatement? May "we" call the undertaker for my many enemies I don't even know? Not yet? Eight (8) years of psy-op torture? (Don't say I didn't get shot with microwave energy in Newbury Park, because PG&E maybe put that thing up on the pole, and will happily turn you in, whoever you are). Indeed, maybe Hollyscummywood is yielding, because there's more than one reason to film an H-town movie in Mississippi. I said, "cheaper," and let's leave it at that, for now, shall we? Don't I love that www.imdb.com? It allows me to say things like, "She really was on Baywatch!" Yes, I'm not dead yet, and planning on making some movies. FLASHBACK!!!

Here come the judge, here come the judge! On the parking lot of the WALGREENS in Keene, New Hampshire? Aw, policeman had already pulled me over, and Mafia! Mafia! sharpies knew that I was in a different county, so it is always, "Let's put him in the loony bin." Right? Wrong!!! Here's how it went:

JUDGE: (pointing at a HUGHES 2008 bumper-sticker) "Who is this Hughes?"
HUGHES: "That's me."
JUDGE: "You're running for president?"
HUGHES: "Yes, I am."

That was the end of the "Parking Lot Psychiatric Evaluation," and where is Walgreens headquartered? CHICAGO (Mafia! Mafia!). They like $$$ don't they? Sorry to rain on Murder Inc.'s parade, but I'm getting a bit "grandiose," because "Miami Man" is pretty chainsaw buff, so he might be the ATF character in #1 of the "Rita" trilogy, if he wants it, and can deal with me as a first-time director. Don't worry, as a spy in the know already confused me in 2005, when she said, "Bill, you already know how to make the movie." That puzzled me until June, 2007, when I saw my twin in the Boeing Race Plane photo. No wonder my murdered by the U.S. intelligence community mom kept a blue & red blazer in my closet, and dear old dad had a trophy just like the one in Howard Hughes' hand.

I'm the director, I'm the boss, I'm running for president, and will you please shut up?

Thanks, and have a nice day.

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