Hugging or Shooting? You Decide

It was just last night I exited the senior center and practiced my slo-mo wave, then "pop-pop" and hit the dirt. My gift from the Starbucks spies, an LA Dodger batting helmet, fell off, dropped about a foot, and damn near cracked in half. UK, USA, World at Large, Ships at sea, that cannot happen naturally, and please, shut up!---I am a very reliable informant.

Okay, let's work "spy lies." The hat is made of cheap plastic. The hat was already cracked. Hughes is lying, and it fell harder, or from farther up. Blah, blah, blah...it is a micro-grav field from space, it is a particle beam, and I think it is of Tessla origin, and all the spy world knows it, unless your Vagas Nerve has been hijacked. More importantly, and inconveniently for extremists, the technology is all mine.

Not being misused? I refer you to the movies Westworld (1973), and The Stepford Wives (1975) if you think these plans are "new." Always an "inside joke" from the .gov types, so how about a pre-download, pre-DVD, even pre-VCR screening of Stepford Wives by ABC racking it up for the girl and I? Howard tried to buy ABC Television, you Ding-Dong. Do 'ya get it now? Gosh, I hate it when the thugboy "they" don't get the jokes because it is "lost" on a high-school dropout or a cokehead. Give me the 50+ year-old biker dude, any day.

And, I may need to hire some soon, because I hate it when everyone acts like they are the "Law" you don't have on this cuckoo West Coast, and looking like you are about to kill me? Perfectly legal in KookLaLand, or so you think, but not for long. Better post this before some idiot gets killed by me--I'd be out of jail in the morning, but let's don't go there.

To be continued.....

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