Poor, Poor, William the V

Why do you people act all nuts when I point out the little dish that is mine had to be digital in 1969? "One small step for a [crackle-crackle]. Oh, that rascal Howard!!!

"USAF, you're no RAF," to rip-off the famous, but you're an idiot and don't know what I'm talking about LLOYD BENSTEN line. Yes, after 4-5 years of what we mental health professionals call "processing," I'm certain I can separate, with a very high, don't argue with me in court or you lose, rational certainty, what was real, what was a normal biologically-produced dream, and what was a high-tech movie set. "This ain't Capricorn One, son," I might well say to a garden variety spyin' Ding-Dong.

So, for all blackmail experts, religious extremists (esp. Anti-Catholics), drug hounds, key-rattlers (Q: What does that mean? A: You're an moron), miscellaneous Nixonian CREEP creeps, and more mundane creeps & kooks, here's your Hughes "Real & Not Real" tally:

1. A pack of UFO's over LAKE CAYUGA (1986)
2. Flying Triangles (2007-2008)

1. The "Propulsion System" [keep guessing until you go nuts, not me]

To estimate the speed of REAL #2, for my written report, I multiplied a commercial jet's speed by a factor of 4 or 5, whereas the RAF says 12,000 m.p.h.

They would know.

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