Dash (8) To Doomsday

"We" shared the horror of this particular aircraft when a spouse of a university buddy went down near Chicago in the early 1980's. I've "been there, done that" on details, but have you heard? They steal, a lot, in California. Subsequently, another of these beauties crashed, so Hughes (years before knowing H-I.D.) put a photo of it on the mighty HP C-300, and thought, "I'm never flying on that airplane!"

Next, the "Gee, I hate flying in ice" copilot had a [REDACTED] in her [REDACTED] and because of [REDACTED] the pilot does the 180 degree wrong thing and CRUNCH, there went a few more air commuters. Busy I am, so when I finally circled the wagons for the Senator Ted Stevens plane crash, first I refreshed my memory on the Congressman HALE BOGGS (1914-1972), who "disappeared" over Alaska on 10/16/72. He was from Louisiana ("Long" on corruption--get the joke, California drug thugs & high school dropout Soldier Boys?) + House Majority Leader and a (D) right before Watergate = verrrrry suspicious.

And, Pilgrims, to add to the drama, no wreckage or bodies were ever recovered. Oh, the pain of seeing news of http://www.check-six.com/, where FBI documents are up in cyberspace on the "search" for Boggs' plane, but at press time, I'm supposed to get killed, per usual, and I don't like SARAH PALIN much, nor do I think she is qualified to be Commander in Chief, and cuckoo-birds, it has not a thing to do with gender. (Hillary spies from my time in New Hampshire (2007-2008) can confirm this, if any spy ever tells the truth).

So, let's hurry up and add it up:
  • Governor Palin spent a smelly $400,000, yet I have well less than $40 available at any given time, and have been constantly accused of being somehow malodorous. Though only worthless spies, I have offered to jump into a vat of Johnson's Baby Powder, with no one will to donate the talc thus far.

  • Governor Palin was interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding the $400K and "Troopergate" in, of all places, Saint Louis, Missouri, and that town is: A) My USA hometown, and B) A city I am having trouble remembering much about, due to the USA's political machine's highly organized torture program. In other words, no holding two jobs allowed, as with POTUS & V. As the uncles said, "We'll see about that."

  • Regarding my un-famous chase of a CHEVROLET IMPALA-driving "potential" assassin on I-93 outside Portsmough, New Hampshire, it occurred to me, maybe at 3 a.m., Hillary, perhaps there was a TRAFFIC CAM out there, providing documentation the FORD FOCUS cannot catch an FBI Impala. This revelation brought out "that helicopter," sans em jamming gear--again.

  • I saw, with my own eyes, FBI photos of Senator Stevens allegedly rehabbed through graft house, and people, it does not feature gold fawcetts, if 'ya get what I mean. Looked like a railroad job to me, and BTW, why do China Dolls come running to my freindly UPS Store after I read in The Economist someone spent 750 Billion on China's rail system? The mumble/grumble? "Now, that's Hughes league money, son"

  • BOTTOM LINE POLITICAL: Who knows Palin's "dirt?" Sen. Stevens. Can "we" interview him? Not any more.

  • BOTTOM LINE BLACKMAIL: Hughes is crashing planes at the senior "Seizure Center," right? Wrong! As an attractive, young, suspected White Russian female said, "Is that, like, an adult day care center out there?"

  • BOTTOM LINE "STAR TREK": My second "Karla" carried a purse, when the being within never does. Hughes, how could you see, with your little "T.O." dry eyes, the puss, the smoking posture, the "widebody" Soldier Boys, the walk, the fine whining, the many U-Turns by thrilled local spy vermin motorists, and the by now worldwide un-famous exchange: HER: "I have to make sure you're not a terrorist"\\\HIM/ME: "Do I look like a terrorist?Hey Cuckoo-Birds, what is in the purse? HINT: Egypt Air = "Pull with me" (as he crashed the plane)---and---"I think I'll lower the flaps & airspeed with a ton of ice on the wings." CRUNCH.

Next Republican bitch, please.

legal action addendum:

@n78.bullet.mail.sp1.yahoo.com"-----rejecting my hughesforpresident2012@yahoo.com e-mail, eh? "Bullet" mail? Hey Ding-Dong; I've been psy-opped since 1974, so could you maybe let my e-mail go through? What's Yahoo's problem? Insurrections? Revolutions? Who is the "Mailer Demon?" So in jail!!! Hey, United States Secret Service. Ready for my FOIA request? Who called in "sick" (hung over? No "cover stories" accepted) the day JFK got his head blown off? For once, it was not Maf-IA, was it?

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  1. "nothing to do with gender." Uh-huh. You've turned into a total sexist--what's with all the cheesecake pix? Middle-aged male misogyny...I'm so totally disappointed in you, P. Wup. For real.