08.30.10 9:01 a.m.

Northrup Grumman builds new buildings, while Hughes remains houseless/homeless and jokes with their retirees after shaving in the widow reflection of public buildings. Did I mention I filed to run for president? Do you understand I'm going to win? GOOD.

A "Hyland" ran KMOX, the "flagship" station of USA's CBS Radio Network for many years, and a "Hyland" ran Hughes Aircraft Company while Howard manufactured & tested airplanes for the Army Air Corp, made movies, I suspect--Gasp!--spied a bit, and, as they said among the "Greatest Generation," chased skirts...a lot. This Hughes is permitted to remain alive & homeless, and be infuriated by kooks daily. William V, eh? Are they ready at Reuters & AFP for an image of me tossing the petrol bomb back in Belfast? It's the "vision thing" gone over to .uk.

"Day begins with a NORTHRUP MUTT WALKIN' MAN discussion of the weather. He said, ALICE IN WONDERLAND-STYLE, "It means whatever you want it to mean." He predicted a "hotter" October, maybe because if there is no movie deal by SEPTEMBER 30, 2010, I will return to ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI and PUMP OUT FEDERAL LAWSUITS in the comfort of the EAGLETON FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, where I have been invited to join the Bar as an honorary member. Thus, OCTOBER would be "Buy Old Car and Leave California in Disgust Month," and the Drama! Drama! would be heightened (a lot).

9:24 a.m.

Also this a.m., the VEGAS DRIFTER, a.k.a. VAPOR LOCK, sat at the E. end of GOEBEL table, as I got ready for the day on the W. table. I bitched about him being an extra-perceptual creature (EPC), and then he LIT OFF A FIRECRACKER and entered the building. This, I cannot do, or many BLACK & WHITE cars will arrive, but in your childish snitching game, this will be reported to [REDACTED].
1) Act crazy in Goebel and I call the Mental Health Crisis Team.
2) If the Crisis Team asks me any clinical questions, I'll call the Sheriff on them.
3) Tuesday is "Ticket The Mess With Hughes Staging Area Lot," since I discovered:
a) It is a "Handicapped Only" lot.
b) It has no outlet.
c) It is singned as "Private Property--For Baseball Only."

9:42 a.m.

D[ ] came by after "Drifter" went in, and I bragged about the $10 that came my way while discussing things with C[ ]. The Monday a.m. occupants of the "Valley Lupine Room" were kind enough to blab on a cell phone and say JO ANN is buying "Vikings," her name was JERRI CALLAN, and she was talking about a TERESA ROGERS? "Teresa," Saint Louis University MSW liar, and "Mr. Rogers," of "March Hare," and maybe ROGERS AIRCRAFT, too.

9:47 a.m.

"KEN" has been coughing [editor's note: He claims to have Whooping Cough] and talking on his cell phone this a.m. (cough, cough), as he watches me, and Ken, I'm writing down your plate number again. [Ken's plate # here] F--- YOU, KEN, GET A NEW LIFE, PLEASE."

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