So Many Ways To Kill A Guy

This one got my 1,400 vinyl LP's out of the closet in 1992, and the poor boy found an excellent "Poor Man's digital to analog converter"a few years later. She was really in my Clayton coffee stop? thought it was a trick! Thanks.

Not happy I am to get out the lance over this crap. This ain't no f---ing MEL GIBSON movie, pal.

From the diary some love to hate:

08.09.10/8:56 a.m.
Is P[ ] nuts? I say, "Yes," and he does not look it. Today, I'm shown how snatching bodies occurred at 6:30 - 7:00 a.m., which would explain B[ ], the "Guardinos," and his growling at the doggie walkers. R[ ] the Rodent here early, and I growled at the non-D[ ] the Tree Cuttin' Man/Leaf Blowin' Man. Plus, how about the MOYNIHAN MAN + an ASIAN, who said, "I think we got enough," and departed. I "get it" in that maybe it's "security in numbers," as with, more of "my people" here vs. "your people," and no killing today.

9:01 a.m.
REDNECK CIA MAN entered the building from the rear. Jesus! Worse than I thought. No wonder the old spooks came running when I viewed the old Condor trailer on CPU #3. This is Condor + 35 years. My favorite old spy gal (Age 50 & holding) was at the coffee bar. My grievance today--pink & purple money. GREEN MONEY ONLY, PLEASE! Or, put China cash in there as the world trading standard. F--- spies! F--- Mafia!

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