Is The Froggy Dead?

All spies worth a damn know the story. In 1979, a wise political science professor said fascism was like a cold-blooded frog being boiled in a pot. By the time the frog realizes the water is too hot, he's paralyzed, and can't get out. Did she really say, in 2005, "My frog died." I got the "message," but was busy fighting one of those colon-ripping viruses our intelligence agency nutcases like to put in my coffee. Have I stopped drinking coffee? No. "OCD?' No, and do I have to eat food off of your dirty carpet to illustrate? As a rather obvious Mafia Man said at the senior center as he motored past one day, "Cheapest cup of coffee in town." Got a dissenting view? Let's hear it, weenie. Does "Mitt" do this? (whatever "it" is) How about "Jeb?" Mik-e Huckabee? Where are those 2008 photos of me chatting with the clean-cut "Huckabee kids?" Never mind.

I would sure like to see my copy of Bertram Gross' Friendly Fascism, because I do not have ESP (but maybe Professor Gross did), I am not from outer space, crazy Christians have no need to lay their hands on me, and how I did what I did in the early hours of 08.07.10, I do not know, but the rational explanation is I have very good hearing, hence one of many careers I was not allowed to pursue was as a recording engineer.
You've got it on a camera, so "enjoy" it. Then, to add to the "glory," T-girl discussed the situation in general, saying, with a short wave of her arm, "Well, we're on a lot of cameras in here." That's right ma'am, so I'll tell the whole world "we" do not need firearms on the movie set, save the usual props. It's you and "Mary," two cell phones, two cans of mace, and we are in business. Kick boxing kicks to the head may be added to the dumb thug for the Drama! Drama! they all expect out of the real H-U-G-H-E-S.
Don't dare spell it wrong, like the always Marriott did...
and have a nice day.

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