Karl & Groucho

Did I really ask about weather conditions at the destination city with my noggin over the DC-9 throttles, and not get in any trouble? Oh, that's right; it was TWA. The flight was a little like the photo above, as I recall. Eleven years prior (walk much? I don't fly much), it was, "Look out the window...there's Ireland." The side of the aircraft I was on indicates he flew out of the way. Gee, I wonder why?
Here's "Scooby," "Nutty," and Former Chief Petty Officer Bob Richards of the Royal Navy. If you guys knocked on my hotel room door I don't have, I'm not sure I'd let you in. that's a compliment, mates.

Did you want some radical politics to go with your big "U.S. Mess?" Sorry, I'm too busy to be of any assistance.

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