H Scoop: 1966

The evil "they" will really, really, really not like this one. To the diary!

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7:51 p.m.
Not a moment of joy--and what the f--- was "TOM JOY" doing? After clowning around on the L[ ] EGGS N' THINGS bench, white cars? I'm almost ready to get a rifle and shoot at them, because THESE NUTS WON'T STOP ACTING CRAZY while ACCUSING ME OF SAME. It never stops! Spyin', spyin', spyin'. Will I ever get to piss on the OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT? Stay tuned, Mafia kids (Carl's Jr. Peanut Gallery).
8:10 p.m.
Feeling crappy, as the T.O. kids have departed, and it's awfully quiet in Carl's Jr. I have no frame of reference, except to say it was quiet at #5 FOREST HOME COURT when I read the Rosary High School Constitution and thought about changing it. [post-it note: And, we did, 1972-1973]. It was quiet--sometimes--in my LINDENWOOD COLLEGE dorm room when I typed memos and vouchers for the student government. Never used the key to my office, and maybe didn't return it--don't remember. I do recall meeting with the boys of LC II on financial matters and saying, "Let's steamroll them," meaning the ladies of LC I. Now I know that was more spontaneous DNA ignition where it was the same term the Howard Hughes machine used, so surely some son of a bitch said I "Knew something."

JAMES LEONARD, BILL DONOVAN, and JACK K's dad--like a cookie cutter, but those were different days for Post WWII spooks. WATERGATE BABIES? I'm the leader, so why do you all do what you do? Druggings, poisonings, asphyxiations, headaches, nosebleeds, bowel pressure, bladder pressure, drilling little particle beam holes to look like "alien E.T. blood transfusions, or some such craziness. Cell phone, external computer drives, paperwork, batteries, flashlights, electric razors, plastic razors, coins, currency (with a "security strip"), keys, all "disappeared?" No? It was all "lost?" Misplaced? Kooks, I'm 1970's Type A productive, if you don't mind, and I don't "lose" that much of my stuff. [post-it addition: Did a car battery really fall from the sky to hint "lead over lithium" on the ongoing batteries sucked dry issue? Yes, it did].

Lemons to lemonade? The holes drilled in my hand (3 on the right, 2 on the left), are healing faster than normal, so "they" are showing me that prospective health care technology exists. Oh sluts, .mil killers, drug boys, thug, assassins, spy whores, I'm not qualified to be president? I slipped into one of my little POTUS fugues, and felt like I was LBJ at, "I shall not seek, nor will I accept" time. People are getting so stupid, and the tech so advanced, without quantum physics kookery, Ortega got it right, and all PBF could say was he was a socialist, and "fled" during the Spanish Civil War. WRONG [on socialist] and probably wrong on the other point, you rotten c---

Here are two facts I'll gladly share with the world:

1) I went to bed as a Fifth Grader knowing my father was safe, because my mother had the clip in the gun backwards. NOT NORMAL.
2) I saw my father pick up big chunks of own skin after mom scalded him, I fought her for the phone, then she wouldn't call the ambulance--I think grandma Leonard did.
3) The ambulance got "lost," just like American Medical Response (AMR) would be more than happy to let me bleed to death on Janss Road in not-so-beautiful Thousand Oaks, California. NOT NORMAL! What was the ambulance company in 1966? Don't you know I will find out, hypnotized idiot?

What gives these lunatics the idea I'm here to be murdered? Why do they think I need them? For what? I came to California still thinking people are inherently good, and I'm damn well leaving having been convinced I'm wrong--again. We all make errors in judgment, and evil you all are. Terrorists, 300 million strong,, and I need to go rally the rest of the world against you--nothing personal. Everything backfired, whoever you are, didn't it? EXAMPLE: The History Channel "football" special, over & over at Chestnut Health Systems/Mainstay, Granite City, IL. What the f--- was that? Hey Barack, it was a memory recovery aid for the blurry 1969 black suit with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist right in front of me. What ugly carpet we had at KCLC when I walked down the hall with the yellow paper that said: "THIS IS NOT A TEST."
"Steal" access to a MINUTEMAN MISSILE? No.
Twice to the TRUMAN PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY? Yes. Third time's a charm on potential 100% legal planning, because I don't break laws, and I seem to end-up head of "organizations."
Taking over the world with little "devices," are we?
Where was I born? Missouri.
Where are most of the Minuteman missiles? Missouri.
You'd better think about it, son, because after more adult years in "psy-op" than not, I am perfectly sane, and more than a little pissed-off. Jig's up, big bully terror state.
Better act right.

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  1. I always notice the helicopters flying over my apartment. Every time I go outside to stare at the spooks inside the chopper to let them know I'm on to their schemes, they always land at St. Mary's Hospital. There must be a Homeland Security or FBI office inside St. Mary's Hospital, because there is no reason for a medevac helicopter to land there. They would go to Barnes for a real medical emergency. The hospital is a good cover for their domestic spying operations, but I'm on to them.

    William C. Hughes for President 2012!

    The Big Sinker