Big Brother Bratwurst

e-hardware quote-of-the-month from get.smart.hughes.is.really.running.for. president.wiki.moron.html:

"High switching costs explain in large part, why mainframes are still a good business for IBM. It is the only big firm left selling them [my emphasis]...Bernstein Research estimates 40% of IBM's profits are mainframe-related."

-- The Economist 10.16.2010

Hey IBM VP--don't make like the movie stars drinking java and staring at me. Speak! Oh, I'm "nuts?" No, you were caught by Old Spookies who dropped a photograph of you on the table. Table? What table? Let's quit playing, girl. You'd better keep making those "big iron" computin' boxes, and "we" both know why, don't we?

Did I really charm the NOVARTIS rep oh so long ago I don't recall his name? Don't blame BUSH/OBAMA torture, Hughes, you just plain forgot. How about ELI LILLY and the memo that forbade our nursing troops from taking too many pens & Post-Its? Didn't I call Lilly in Indianapolis while writing Shame of the Sane? Sure did, and as I clearly recall, hung-up on them when they tried to play me like I was suicidal, due to an excess of inquiry regarding their big moneymaker at the time, PROZAC.

No, dumb pharma-Nazi bimbo, I'm the behavioral health specialist and former crisis worker, but what Lilly may have known before I did was, I am HH2.0, and at present, only King of some dunces and rejected Don's.

...to be continued, because I have faxes going out to the lawman/woman, and I'm tired of being watched by the people I just described above. V71.09 is the H--Dx you unskilled to the point of insulting (very insulting) spying criminals---SO IN JAIL!!!!! SO IN JAIL YOU ARE!!!!!

08.16.10 Revision Note: Why all of the "9's?" Why hack my DELL 755 and put a "nine" in there? Was the "T.O." McDonald's crowd really talking Howard Hughes/UFO's/Illuminati/Bilteburgers, extra onion? Wow! In the 1970's, we called that "losing it."

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