Simulated Gunshot

There is nothing exciting going on in Kosclusko, Mississippi these days, I'm sure. And, don't go looking for cornbread in the wrong places. You H-town people are so nuts, you think I'm going to start "talking in code?" No, I'm not, and when the real campaigning gets going, as opposed to the 90 year-old Maf-IA Man's Buck Rogers video game, I'm wondering if the networks will use a BLEEP, or just cut the audio for sufficient tenths of a second, because I am not happy with the USA, and this "bad attitude," lawfully expressed, is nothing you--whoever you are--can do anything about.

Except, of course, as with BRIGHTON & JONESBORO Illinois, make gunshot sounds. Hey, poorly skilled spies, that popping the brown bag routine goes back to Catholic grade school, and until, appropriately enough, "07," I did not know why you idiots did it. Anti-Catholicism, still? I'll return fire and say the "non-Denominational Christian" needs to pick a denomination, or lose his or her tax exemption. Let's rumble, shall we? But always in the context of, "have a nice day."

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