Ward Cleaver War

Minimum wage for state employees, and the federal rate ($7.25) at that?A new movie called "The Expendables?" Do you know that is what the USA's CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY used to call the people who had a burnt-out brain due to their involuntary LSD experiments? I know, because some of them were Army and Air Force people I had on my caseload as "schizophrenics." Can't fool Hughes on that, right do-nothing VA Hospital? Right! Didn't I offer to partner the VA with USA's best research hospitals, and got the "Community Torture Program" instead of a TV appearance? African spies pulled-out first, like my Burbank "African Donut Man," who often said, "Writers need inspiration," then the Middle East split, followed by my beloved Malaysians, Mossad, FSB, ISI, the Indian Nehru Jacket Man, China (mainland), and strangely but not, a suspected Taiwan girl is still here (hint, hint).

Now, the English are here! the English are here! What does that mean? Duh.....I don't know, and I did not ask for any of this "mess," but as I often say as HOWARD HUGHES' only grandson out here, "I know what I'm seeing." What is there to do but methodically shake-off GEORGE III dust and run for a modest job titled President of the United States? Here's a sample of my solicitations, and if you'd rather I make a movie and chase women, you know where to find me.

"Is JOHN YOO concerned I'm still a liberal? Hit in the left shoulder with a paintball that stung a lot, I really did think, "Great...now I'm shot," but the "blood" was yellow, and smelled like fish. Not funny, nor will it be amusing to the California lawman when he lands in his own detention center. "National Security" based on infantile Freudian concepts, and I'm a "young man?" Tom Brokaw must be hypnotized, because the 1947 National Security Act crowd, I believe, make up the USA's "Rottenest Generation"; all content to take Hughes money, then leave me to deal with a world where if a government was to be overthrown, or dope & guns run, Langley, VA got the call. I'm supposed to fix that in four years? Walk on water? Not possible, but the nutcases (.gov, and .mil types) could at least allow me to have a press conference, don't you think?

Do I need more absurdity in my life? Nothing at all absurd about "Gangbangers" who are an African-American/Mexican-American combo asking about my views on immigration policy, but when they ended the encounter by saying, "We'll be back," I did inquire, "You're not coming back to kill me, are you?" They did not answer, and I am still here. Does SARAH PALIN, MITT ROMNEY, or JEB BUSH do this sort of "field work?" The answer is, "No," and I did not think young men who are skeptical TUPAC SHAKUR died, and sure MICHAEL JACKSON is still with us could be out late looking for homicide. What they are looking for is a government that does not lie to them constantly with an (R) or (D) after the con artist's name. No lies? That's a good way to get killed in American politics, but I just can't change in my old age (54, soon 55). And by the way, I know the healthcare industry inside-out, if I ever get out of California alive. Can Palin and her many "brief-a-dummy" indexcards say that? NO!"

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