Little Sister

Twice per evening, "The Kids" were told not to, but parents & grandparents gave us money. It was "spy kid" contradictory messages at a very early age, so since you are not me, please shut-up and mind your own business. Thanks, because if I hear another likely .gov person stroll by and say, "Boring," I'm going to scream, then I will be "in trouble."

Yes, it was MR. SOFTIE about 6 p.m., and TASTY FREEZE at 8. Was dinner in between? Maybe, maybe not, given mom's appetite for Librium, because intelligence agency scum were "successful" with her, not with me. Take note, DIRTBAG/WHORE/.mil KILLER. Yes, Mr. Softie had a bell, Tasty Freeze played music, and that is where I developed a taste for little soft-serve ice cream cones.

I don't eat them anymore, because I discovered this means something to Mafia types. F--- you, go to hell, and thanks, "Nicky," for the bowl of real, full fat ice cream with still-frozen blueberries and strawberry slices. I was indeed about to blow a BP gasket (meaning the British oil company or blood pressure--take your pick). Kim's little sister is...what? I'm not running a gossip column, I'm running for president.

Is that clear?

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