e-commerce quote-of-the-month, from the hughes joins no club, church, or mafia(s) club newsletter:
"French governments always try to take money from young industries to sustain the old ones."

--Pierre Chappaz, Chief Executive, Wikio

In 1977, why was the French spygirl hanging out with the Israeli spygirl? Who had nuttier Kings, Britain or France? Answer the question, SARKOZY, you lousy low-down, two-faced *&%$#^#. Maybe GOOGLE will like me more now, since I oppose any Parisian Conehead Internet tax, and my bloggy-woggy will work better, right? Politics, politics, politics.....my Kingdom for some damn server space!!!

To the diary "they" love to hate:

08.12.10 8:59p.m.
THE COUGH---It's enough to make me call a known spy and ask what the f--- it means. Recapping last night:
  • LAWSUIT ON CARL'S JR. due to all of the locked doors. I can cough, too, and though 12 feet away and facing away from him, some ass wants to beat me up? Fight or flight? No help with "Mafia Food Security," and people will pull on those locked doors all day long.
  • POSSIBLE SECRET SERVICE HELICOPTER FLYOVER upon entering CRPD at 11:30. Can't tell, because I'm looking at its belly.
  • Out front of GOEBEL on W. end, a gang of idiots, who, if so inclined, could beat my ass dead & Sheriff will take his time, right? Right!
  • Inside, two POOL SHOOTERS, the fan was on, and my CHINESE PEN was sitting on the window frame of the billiard room? Could CHRIS video me at Best Buy asking for "disappearing act" software?
  • KEN/NICK in the Computer Lab with RAYTHEON GIRL, the latter I now judge to be both a local girl and 100% nuts. "Ken" was running her, I believe, because why did he say he had never spoken to me when I told him, "No last name, no discussion." HE THEN DENIED THE PREVIOUS TWO CONVOS LIKE AN IDIOT SPY. I said, "You are worried about talking to me (about NSA) under cameras, and then clam-up and act dumb?"

What a b----! What a f---head!




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