Heat Wave

Back in the Summer of 2008, when the Camarillo, CA thugs yelled, "It's hot! It's hot!" I thought, "Yeah, it's pretty hot." Then, they started asking for a lot of ketchup at the drive-through, and signs were posted stating it was a crime to photograph the burger-slinger, so I thought: A) Maybe "ketchup" is secret code for blood; and B) The $8.00 per hour burger chef is spying on you. I hate being right.

To the redacted diary we go:
10:08 a.m.
"Before I start ragging/ranting on the CHINA/GOOGLE mess, let's back up to Saturday, July 31, 2010 and Sunday, August 01, 2010. It was 07.31.10 when I sat in the CARL'S JR. and [######## *** && @@@ %.% ] with a couple of T.O. whores and their pimp watching. Spy-style, I turned around and faced them to write it. One of the two girls--the better-looking one--gave me a 1990's gang sign when her pimp was not looking. She was laying down in the booth, raised her hand up, and all I could see was her arm & hand. Why do they do this crap? Because I am only supposed to be around DRUG DEALERS, PIMPS, WHORES, STREET SNITCHES, and CRAZY PEOPLE to effect what I have termed MAFIA NON-VERBAL DEFAMATION. Thank heavens for 20 years of mental health training because, Mr. Hughes knows who is nuts, and who is, as Dr. L said, 'Crazy like a fox.' Yes, it was my very first hitman who gave me a copy of Confederacy of Dunces in 1976, the U.S. Bicentennial year. A very good read it is, and the author suicided, like Wes H., a man I never met. Suicide? Me? Why, I once wrote a note like that as a writing exercise, and if PALIN THUGS think it's 'blackmail,' I'd love to upload it to Soldier Boy's Internet today. PENSKE TRUCK? What PENSKE TRUCK? With an Indian security detail in place, I'd better 'bone-up' on all of that Englishman colonial stuff. CALCUTTA had a bad PR firm, so they changed the name, right? Works every time, does it not, just like, 'Follow the money.' Back to 07.31-08.01.10, it was a productive a.m. after the Sheriff was kind enough to do his paperwork nearby from 3-5 a.m. However, the automatons are showing less fear of black & white cars, so.....did you say 'artificial intelligence'? Hello? It's not me, it's Howard's ghost. March in the hot sun? Yessiree, Bob, and they all want to see me drop dead, don't they? 'No can do,' as Robert DeNiro said to a bad guy in a movie. I can talk 'spy talk' too, i.e. 'Fail Safe boys are here,' 'E.T. Chasers gone,' 'KRP's are in town,' 'Did you see the spotter plane?,' 'We could read your license plate from orbit in 1972,' and, 'Are the ICBM's venting gas yet?' Not yet?

Have a nice day."

ADDENDUM/LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Any mention of "my hitman" refers to a person trying to assassinate me, not a hired hand for USA's well-funded MURDER, INC.

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