May I?

May I read FAA accident reports? May I "read between the lines," and tell you what really happened? Yes, spooks, I am slow with some topics, but I was very quick in finding that FAA reports on air disasters are for insurance companies. Not "The Aviator's" grandson, eh? Is today's, "We are going to crash into the water" news story regarding British Airways true? Hey, Cuckoo-Birds, maybe someone hears my words, because SOUTHWEST AIRLINES said the same thing to me in 1994, prior to flying right into a Texas thunderhead.
Skipped that law degree, but I think the federal crime is something about "endangering passengers and the aircraft." We'll get to things like shooting down my 747 later. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP went the mystery beam on Alaska Air, and down they went near a city that gave me a free calendar. See how it works? And, how about BBC/MI-6 putting the wrong aircraft and location of the post-9/11 November, 2001 crash in NY, NY. "Mr. Bill" pushed his chair back from his MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH .gov computer managed by a "Jennifer" (like the Glomar nickname), and thought, "Aw, it was an old plane...probably was turbulence from the jumbo jet in front of it."
No, try United States Government-sponsored mass murder. Knocking the tail and engines off a relatively new plane? How do "they" do that? Sorry I know, and please tell me, Mr. Amateur "Secret Agent," how do I avoid running for president when I figure that sort of crap out "lickety-split." No wonder my computer got broken by a Soldier Boy, but I always tell the truth, and the truth of that matter was/is, we both deserve canned hams.
Oh, I almost forgot to ask for permission to go out with a heterosexual black female someday. Thanks, and this did cause be quite a bit of suffering in 1988, 1996, and 2007. Can you spell N-A-Z-I? Congratulations, you win the spelling 'b."

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