A Sudden Supporter of Education Vouchers

Dynamo Hum on the blackboard at Washington University, eh? I/We know what that was all about, right boys & girls? Maybe you don't, because I'm the real one. Where's MOON UNIT when you need her? Just like the damn Ventura County Sheriff, if you ask me.

It seems like long ago, in another galaxy? No, moron, it was in the Catholic Church I dubbed "Our Lady of the Black Tee Shirt." A guy just out of the joint said, "This guy needs a ticket, too." For what? Oh, that would be the Zappa-parodied "St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast," only this was the real one, where I noted if Mafia Man's girlfriend be ugly--look out! And, I did as my homeless associates and I mumbled, "Pass the syrup," and there they stood--the Three Amigos, or Mexican Hitmen. However, when it is me--and you are not me--they just started giggling and sat down to pancakes. Only then did the "scrubby bubble" parishioners dare to come in.

Later, the Catholic priest seemed to feel a need to stand next to Hughes and backpack; the red, cream, and black trimmed one stolen on 02.17.10 by suspected German terrorists, but the Sheriff of this here county not only let me know there is no police report after one deputy and two sergeants appeared, he was nice enough to let me know someone is jacking the lawman's computer system. Not okay! Back to the priest, he asked things like, "Did you ever get the roof of your garage fixed," and other such mundane parishioner stuff.

This was also the church where they thought putting BIG NAVY OFFICER MAN'S kids at the table would cause an early political gaffe, because it is very distressing to be Hughes, homeless, and tortured by the United States Government + their ever-willing and well paid proxies.

and, as we said in the area I'm headed back to with moviemaking intent, I am too "p.o.'ed" to even finish this semi-serious political piece. Perhaps instead, I will enjoy indoor deification, and "imagine" I am doing it on a U.S. Government official's head. Mafia! Mafia! has their system where they say, "See 'ya Friday" and so forth, so you are assured you will live that long. Gee, I did not believe it was big ass TOM CLANCY saying that to the Mobby Man, but now I think it was really him. Hey, may I publish a book, too? It's got boats, missiles & shit in it, but I will pass on the JERSEY MIKE'S sub at any price. See you in the a.m., big crime boss buttheads.

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