Pretty Poisons

This is the pretty version.

This is the ugly version. Did you drop-out of Middle School? Sorry, I refuse to explain myself to spoiled little neo-Nazi brats.
Surrounded by nutcases, let's go to the notebook you all hate, like I dislike OLIVER NORTH'S coke bookie book. (It's "classified? Not for much longer).
Thanks to jewishvirtuallibrary.org for the creepy Nazi photos.
1:05 p.m.
S[ ] and I already talked without talking. It's a first with T.O. communication where the signing is at me, the verbal convo with someone else. We agreed I'd write down needs & talk more on Tues. if she's attending. This is now really urgent. I need trans with no money. Bank account [REDACTED BY BEAMS FROM FLYING TRIANGLES] Need T.S. loaner car, and where's 240SX?
10:59 a.m.
TOTALLY NUTS @ GO-BELL. 1) No Jim, no Alan, so the "great wall" was open & they all acted helpless. 2) KEN/NICK/KENT was perched like a rodent and hears me through extra-perceptual means. 3) Ben & I tried to shut the "great wall." 4) Hughes investigated & found it is motorized & needs a key so RICK TANAKA was summoned. 5) The great wall was closed. 6) PERUVIAN MAN is hovering like a rodent b/c I will starve if it keeps raining rather than ask anything of rather obvious stalkers. 7) KEN/NICK/KENT wanted to know how I stay dry, per Ben. 8) Brad has apppeared eating. 9) Frank The Shoeman is currently discussing (11:05) matters with Ben. Told Frank & Ben of TWA Flight Crew chit-chats. Drama! Drama! [pre-post note: You can't do my airline passenger on the flight deck talking even prior to 9/11. And, what did I say when offered the "jump seat?" "Nah, I don't like flying." My Kingdom for the time machine Mafia thinks a Hughes company developed!]
9:19 a.m.
I have simplified my interaction with S[ ], if she shows, by planning to give homework assignments + target date of [REDACTED BY ONE OF JOHN BOLTON"S FAVORITE SPY-HOOKERS] to depart. Need a week more? [REDACTED BY--OUCH--WHO MAKES BODY PAIN REMOTELY?] Sooner or later, I've got to call CHP and say, "To Arizona, sir." Then, 9-1-1 on a pay phone, and it's, "To New Mexico, sir," because I am not staying here, but....."I'll be back." S[ ] will read-up on HUGHES TOOL CO. & HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO. & HUGHES AIR WEST, which I just found out this a.m. was sold to REPUBLIC AIRLINES, the major carrier out of Madison, WI 1980-1983, and what was their logo? A damn goose, or some kind of kooky bird. Has Obama, as #44 holding the bag resigned yet? Not yet?

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