Pass Out, Don't Pass Away

What did I just tell The Economist under my nom de plume of "Hgoose?" Oh, that's right, Google won't cut & paste on my screen, but Yahoo will, so go look for yourself. What does that mean? What does that mean? The article is about troubles with doing business In North Korea, former "Axis of Evil" member. Did some old spook say the "young ones" are doing a "tremendous job?" Without illegalities? Aren't we "special?" Flying to Pyongyang on an old Russian aircraft? As in Cali-fornia, pass the puke bag.

Oh, I'd love to post as fast as Soldier Boy and Mafia(s) can play on their translucent heads-up screens and cloud computers, but I already wrote something days ago. May I type it now? May I urinate on porcelain? Thanks.

Did I save an H-Series Saint Louis Federal Reserve Note (not counterfeit) with rather obvious "number code" directed at me? Yes, CA spooks, stalkers, and external locus of control automatons, the real life Secret Service does care about me, but not because I threatened anybody, and not because I'm running for president (way too early), it is because of THE MONEY. We're talkin' big oil & aerospace money, you little turd. This is "Daddy Warbucks," and to quote a local wise-ass, "They either want to f### you, or kill you." Thanks, like I did not already know that.

Is gay sex legal or not? Is pot legal or not? Is the budget balanced or not? I'm running for governor, but not on hughesforgovernorin28days.wordpress.com, because as I predicted to myself, it took half the time to make the damn blog work right. May I read Prop. 25 in its entirety? Hey Whitman, may I buy HP and dump all the computers in the Pacific Ocean? No? Little liberal pet fishies will be harmed? There's mercury in the motherboard? Who gives a rat's ass, when the whole 1947 National Security Act rationale was to, put bluntly, kill people and get away with it. Oh yeah, that means "U.S. Persons" in their scrubby-bubble Main Street homes as well.

Another T.O. Q&A:
H: "Why do these people rattle keys in your ears?"
B: "They're trying to drive you nuts."
TRUTH! Amazing! Awesome!
Mafia! Mafia! Dropping little balls on the counter? Dropping coins on the floor? Trying to get at something without speaking the King's English? IT WILL NOT WORK, AND SINCE LATE JUNE, 2010, AFTER COMPLETING hughes screenplay #8, I'VE BEEN MERELY WASTING TIME, AND WILL NOT TOLERATE IT ANY MORE.

Who's going to jail?!!!!! You CA Cuckoo-Birds have heard it with your little extra-perceptual ears for long enough, and don't you all think it is "cute" that the black & white cop car is still worthy of running from, if you have a need to scram when the policeman draws near. Uh huh. Meet WILLIAM V. Meet The Royal Policeman. Spy? Are you nuts? This is Dollar Bill, motherf~~~er! I LEAD>>>YOU FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF MY WAY.

You, whatever your real name is, do not want to live like me. Stock prices on Yahoo? The closing price is different every time. What plane crashed in November, 2001? Where did it crash? William had differnt news on BBC, for real. How about that post-man made hurricane police shooting in New Orleans? My HP computer's version = 12 dead, no consequences. The Economist said, in 2010, 2 dead and many rotten cops headed to prison. What a difference a few years makes!

Color Kooks! Did you know our/your U.S. Navy resisted the use of radios for a long time and navigated fleets using muticolored flags? Who told me that? THE GUY WHO RAN MY AIRCRAFT COMPANY! What was Howard doing? Wouldn't you like to know, man married to a man cock-ucker! Doggie Poop Scoopers! "They" murdered my Aunt Doris, an avid dog walking, dog breeding, dog showing girl. Why? No "shit" in my head, but I can hear it now: "You can't let Bill be running around with a bunch of spy sluts, and not tell him a damn thing! Tell him something, before he gets his ass killed!

Oh, so you are all so Mafia, and you are not getting "greased?" Never? Never ever? What was one of my slogans in New Hampshire, where I'm not allowed to run for president again? We'll see about that, cheap drug racket jackasses. Says who? SLOGAN: "The man who thinks he's never going in the hole, is the next one in line." Think about it, rich crime dogs. They killed your dog? Not you, at least. My new category of Californian? Meet the "Brain-Jacked Zombie," and this is not a movie.

brief addendum: As for an old docudrama "starring" me--CAUGHT!--flying a DC-10 that crashed with all aboard dead, "we" will get to it. And you? You lousy, gay, gawking, sinky little two-bit stalker.....[INSERT A MOE HOWARD LINE FROM YOUR FAVORITE SHOW, The Three Stooges]

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