With Jam

I have no brother. That said, why was a certain person very disappointed with me for switching my major to Political Science from Communication Arts? The local on SSI in California part-time ump said my highly successful pickoff move was not a balk after all, and he may be "fair and balanced," about that, at least. No career in MLB? I'm ready for war over that alone! Effective junk pitches in Jr. High? Oh, the humanity!
I could have been a contender in the bigs, and now I can't do a damn thing except get stalked by people I call "E.T. Chaser's" and "X-File Cigarette Smokers?" Why, oh why, did I report my one and only real UFO sighting (U.S. Army drones don't count, soldier. BTW, have you heard West Point is closing?) Did I really need my RAF to clock the object at 12,000 mph, not my slower guesstimate? USAF, I'm taking your collective head off on the "other" blog as fast as I can get to it. And, what does tbs know about all of this? What happened to that "Ted Turner" anal orifice? Where is he hiding? May my future bodyguards make an appointment to fight with his?

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