You Did? No You Didn't

Don't mess with the Chairman, as in Mao. So that was the plane crash he bragged about to Nixon! And, the deceased was Deputy Director of Operations at the Chinese Air Force? So rotten! But then again, so were fighter jets and an "extra" Air Force One over New York, NY. The riding around with six (6) armed nuclear bombs we'll "take action" on...where? During the Hughes Administration. No? What, are you nuts? That, as my old Cornell University boss said, was "Not okay!" Who keeps capitalizing the word "no" when I am in small case mode?

It's impossible to take this circus seriously! UFO's over China, courtesy of ABC, the network Howard tried to buy? They don't look real, because they aren't! Did ABC-7 leave the top lights of their building on before the Ruskies wrecked my FORD FOCUS? Yes! Hughes is out there on the 101?--"con job" time! Where's the video from when I'd be boogie-ing out to "T.O" in the left lane, and the news van would whiz by in the opposite left lane? No video? How about all of the cameras on overpasses in Burbank/Glendale? Michael Gorbachev coming to town? Why was Lohan eating pretzels in Glendale? Girls, girls, girls, you all know what is going to happen when I take the imdb.com "14-day trial," don't you? I find your agent...I find your attorneys...and.....I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT!!!!!

Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village badly needs a battered women's shelter and a homeless shelter. What did the great VL teach me? Nobody is giving anything away in this town, right? Did you say 12,000 movies in production, and I can't sell an above-average, compared to Hollywood slop script? BLACKBALLED. For what motherf----er? Let's ask "Non-denominational" Christians! Lutherans! Presbyterians! Methodists! Mafia Catholics! Jews! No more tax exemption Mormons! [note to future "Christian" TV Directors: Just BLEEP out the cursing, because I am really, really, not HOWARD DEAN, if you get what I mean...that's a political joke, son]

Obey federal laws (BTW, who was "Jonas Geissler" at DOJ? So fired! All of you!)
Follow every regulation.
Every state law.
Every local ordinance.
Every state departmental rule.
Every agency policy.
Every company policy.
I'm the only one? Could your "game" be any weaker?
What was my point, before I found the "Computer Lab" is doggone booked-up next week.
Son, you did not stare-down the CHINESE SOLDIER BOY in Starbucks, did you?
He's pissed, and fixin' to kill us all.
Thought you'd like to know.

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