Civil Pot War

A Quick Quiz, spies. Get out the "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer," because: a) Howard Hughes liked his Gulfstream, and I do too, but I only got to look at it in 2008 Presidential Primary New Hampshire; b) Apparently, AmGen has one too, pictured above; c) N 55? Birth year is: 1955; d) IGA? Independent Grocers, unite! Throw off Cargill and Kraft's chains! (or something like that). "Coincidence?" Dummy, from .mil to corporate, the clue is on the aircraft. Secret? Can you see the tail? The nice engine I probably manufacture? Me too.

Mount Billsuvius has erupted over Central & South American dudes who just hang around like a fucking trillionaire "In the Black" (screw your stupid spy novel crap, Mr. Negro President) would be desirous of selling drugs, though not a bad idea in today's legitimate, suckfully stalled economy. The answer has been "No," since some "guy in the Navy" sold me a bag of evil weed in....."Your Honor, I plead 'Scooter' Libby-ish memory defects. It was, uh, maybe late 1973."
The "25th Century Court" is what I call it, and if feeling a bit "bugged up the ass," you are just another defendant. I can't help it there was an additional task added to the presidency most rubes are not aware of. Let's work it, girls, and retorically ask, "What does the president do?"
Chief Executive
#1 Law Enforcement Person
Commander in Chief
Drug Dealer in Chief
Surprised at the "new" job? Read Executive Order 12333 if you dare. May I/we discuss it on the stump as I run, too. No? Yes or no, look for political assassinations on:
And, didn't "you" know I'd know the 28 days will just about be "expired," (but not me) by the time I learn the new Word Press blog's dashboard and features? Hold that tiger, Eric Holder, because these nutcases are probably going to legalize pot AHA (Against Hughes Advice). 16 days until Election Day. Want a "surprise?"
I AM RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, NOT GOVERNOR (it's a "gimmick," right Bonnie?)
I WILL FEATURE UNION JACK'S, NOT USA'S FLAG, AND THAT'S NOT THE WRONG COUNTRY (as Rita says in my screenplays, "Don't start"). A bank finally failed in Kansas? Bravo! And, why should I care?
I can take you to court.
I can work two jobs.

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