F*** the FAA



"HUG 123, confirm the nature of your emergency."
"Lockheed, and that asshole Gross gave me three engines, and only one of the f---ing things is operational."
"Turn 20 degrees right, look for 27 right, and quit cursing, or you're fined."
"F--- you!"
"That's ten thousand dollars."
"Like that means anything to me. I've got one engine here!"
"Shut-up and go around."
"Go around? I'm not there yet, cock----er."
"Say again."
"Have you heard of oil pressure? I don't have any."
"What's your stall speed?"
"That would be my speed right now, you ass-ole."
"All of the emerg..."
"Shut the f--- up! Tell that trucker to get out of the way!"
"You're to gimmie 8000 and 27 right."
"Don't you get it, shithead?"
"That's twenty thousand! Twenty thousand bucks!"
"Full stop. Can you call Triple-A? There's a few smashed sedans out here."
"What about ILS? What are those alarms?"
"I have no idea. Can you get a damn towtruck out here? These people are pissed."

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