Kontact Konrad

Spookiest photo I've ever seen? Two of USA's Space Shuttles fueled and ready to go. The pic is on my mighty HP C-300, which will rise again, right Roger? Right! Did you see Contact? Jody! Jody! Jody!
This is someone else's photo of the same space station, around the same time. What's the circulation of Defense Electronics? Not very big, and those numbers are not classified, Cuck00-Bird. What is on the cover of RF & Microwaves, their "fellow traveler?" Tempus Fugit, William!

What a nice Tabby Cat, like the puzzle at Go Bell Center. First, you are playing retarded, an insult to real persons challenged by developmental disabilities, and then you're all intellectual about how to ...what? Direct a movie! Uh huh, just like two idiots at the "welfare office," who told me how to get an aircraft out of a spin. How about the guys on Agoura Road @ Starbucks bragging about their 20-30 million dollar jets? The charges? Moving the tabby cat puzzle in a public building without Kitty Boy's permission. First, surrounded by automatons, I denied any knowledge of the kitty puzzle's status. Later, upon direct questioning, I admitted to moving the kitty puzzle because the spyin' idiot had not worked on it for days. [Oh, the questions of life, like why do Mafia(s) like dropping ping-pong balls, pinballs, and all kinds of balls on the floor? Don't answer, because I don't f---ing care!]
Back to "puzzle boy," this might have something to do with CHESTNUT HEALTH SYSTEMS in Granite City, Illinois, where LINDSEY LOHAN made a movie and made me late for work, and the clients did puzzles all day (when they weren't drinking and smoking crack). Hughes laid down the law and got fired? Oh, get ready for Hughes in the Granite police station pulling certain records. Secret? What are you talking about? Damn that Lohan! Then, she came in the CARL'S JR. under the security camera that Ken/Nick/Kent is afraid of. Where's the video? Where's the video from the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office? Do I have to put Governor Lynch in jail? I've got too much on my plate as it is.
22 spygirls on me lifetime, and Lohan gets out of the slammer on 10/22? Number kooks! They're everywhere! Why did you "open the hood" on that ISS contraption in the photo, then give it to me? Because I'd know what it is!
Hughes knows his plugs & jacks.
Do you?

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