Those troops, judging from BBC video, don't play. Too bad I see big boys who look just like them in Ventura County, California, but then again, I am the real one.
President Carter with a GEORGE W. BUSH look alike? Bad joke, Jimmy, as was your comment about Palestinians in "cages." Let's free the Ventura County's homeless first, shall we? I feel like I'm running a damn underground railroad of sorts. "Down with the ship" the relatives told this toddler Admiral, and I remembered!

One-third of French gas stations closed by some type of labor unrest? Did I spend a night at a closed A-frame restaurant (not IHOP, spies) in 1979, and was late for work; right Bob? What was the problem? a) Small Fiat gas tank; b) Dudley Doright fuelishly passed-up the Columbia, MO Shell station; c) Fake Carternomics "gas shortage." Oh! Did the girlfriend & future spouse bitch! All night long, fellahs! Wild in the Streets I'm not. May I travel to Saint Louis, Missouri, please? Do I need a passport and Visa? Maybe I'll ask one of California's many Mexicans.

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