Seditious Stepford Wives

"It's being educated, working hard on your talents from a very early age--acting classes, dance classes, music classes. I worked really hard. I studied art, photography. But it didn't really go the way mom wanted...she would say, 'Why can't you be more like Gwyneth Paltrow'?"

- Milla Jovovich, Los Angeles Times magazine, 09.05.2010
Psychiatric Social Workers (like me), Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and miscellaneous behavioral types call it internal vs. external "locus of control." What year was it? 1975. What network was it? ABC. What day was it? Tuesday. What movie was it? The Stepford Wives. Do you want to challenge that memory in a court of law? No you don't, you idiot! However, that goes a long way toward explaining my ownership of a big chunk of the world's wealth, yet no attorney, right Barack? Why is some creep in the Goebel Senior Adult Center "Computer Lab" accusing another individual of being "a communist?"
Are you the freakin' nut who was driving a blue SUV, until the man known at 5300 Arsenal Street as "The Detective" got your plate number? Now, it's a brand new Silver Ford Focus? I thought you were indigent! I thought you were homeless! New car? It's the universal signal of "I've been lying about Hughes." Who was the woman at PLAZA FORD in St. Louis, Missouri, who looked dumbfounded at my desire for a black Ford Focus instead of silver-gray? You know, the one with a husband she was going to kick out and "cia" in her damn name!
Bought the car, and you hijacked the ABS, again and again. Where is the car, cocaine cartel protectin' CA coppers? I need the computer module for court. Blocking the printing of a "Thanks for e-mailing" notice from a prominent terrorism-related lawyer? Not smart! Not after a snitching session to to ic3.gov. Oh, they can dish it, but they just can't take it! Did you know, since you think you know everything, that I told the girl/Illinois intrigue partner with the Marine boyfriend the following: "If he likes the war(s) so much, tell him to re-enlist. Tell him that's a pussy's war in Iraq, and he should go back over there."
Never heard from that Marine, except for a CA guy with his first name, who demonstrated quite graphically on the VON's plaza, how fake cops will put you on the floor looking official with M-16's & stuff, take your cash, take your pot plants, and ride off with bountiful impostor booty, like paramilitary pirates. Whoah! Does Jerry Moonbeam and HP spy Meg get into these details of your Cali-fornia corruption? "Only you can do that," the Mafia Man has said, and he's more right than the .gov's, which I consider to be a problem, and ironically enough, maybe so does he.
More later on hughesforgovernor.wordpress.com if the damn thing works right. Meantime, keep in mind how long ago Scarlett showed me your Cuckoo-Bird future, courtesy of what I'm calling "Roswell Tech." Ms. Jovovich made a movie about the undead? A movie about evil? Try battling evil for real, not a movie. Yes, the network "racked it up," for us. I heard, and responded to, "Bill, let's watch a movie." YOU had better respond to me tearing off my tie, Oxford shirt, J.C. Penny Towncraft V-neck, and it's...GASP!!! IGGY POP meets RICHARD NIXON!!!!! Ain't no governor in the whole USA, (R) or (D), with that mojo, girls. For the record, in 1975 time, the following "terms & conditions" applied:
TRUE CONFESSIONS! She could indeed drink me under the table, at the sleaziest bar in town! And, I drove home. It's a simple formula, California DUI collectors: 1) Drive straight; 2) Drive the speed limit. Policeman always has "other things to do," and if you are smart, don't get curious regarding what these "things" are!
HEY SOLDIER BOY/SOLDIER GIRL, ON THAT PENTAGRAM COMPUTER. OH, EXCUSE ME, I MEANT "PENTAGON." In the "missing in action" department, there is no Bombardier Aircraft as described in the media (something about an aviation incident), and there is no actress by the name of "JESCA" you-know-who. I'd recommend Risperdal 2mg titrated upward if you don't act right, but I am not a medical doctor, nor do I play one on TV, Markus.

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