He Said/She Said

What do "they" say amid Thousand Oaks, California's 25% real unemployment rate? "The riots are coming." Civil disorder has already arrived in France, but they are merely spoiled socialist coneheads. What of "real men" in America? Drink beer, talk trash, and Mr. Hughes knows the drill all too well. May I campaign now? May I build an oil refinery, please?

I said, in 2002, "NPR is nothing but a bunch of spies! They purged all of the real reporters long ago!" And now, Mr. "Cut 'em Off" Williams has been fired for agreeing with O'Reilly on towel heads posing a poor fashion statement, if not real danger? Mexican? Iranian? The word is ASSIMILATE, and some do it well enough to screeeeech.....spy? On us? Right here? I'm e-mailing my right-wing Congressman immediately! Lovie, the nerve of them! Spying, you say? What's Hillary's address?

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