"I am often offensive, everyone knows that."

Let's All Get Killed

Still political "we" are here, until William V figures out the Word Press blog's "dashboard." May I hit my head on your dashboard when some spy-idiot cuts us off on the way to Saint Louis, Missouri, not Missourah, though I may argue that pronnunciation point with retiring Senator "Kit" Bond soon, and just what do you Mafia(s) intend to do about it, besides what I've called the "usual CIA solution" for eight (8) years now? Photo captions explained below.
Let's Maybe Live

Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee

Pink Shithead

Free Nelly, No Free Gasoline

How well the U.S. Soldier Boys remember my AbolishTheCIA.org, especially the unsung details, like calling GETTY IMAGES to buy the rights to a photo of a verrrrry obvious CIA LAGLEY twit hanging off of a vehicle during some sort of "Go away American G.I. Joe" type of Iraqi "protest." Can you spell D-U-P-E, Mr. Ben-Ben? Who was upstairs at 6411 ALamo Bob's? Oh, it was "Ben." Cameron, may I burn down your Big Ben now? Or, better yet, toss a spanner in the works, and make its gears stick at 6? (a.m. or p.m.?) Time does not matter to "Royal Avenue Boy" (that's a Simi Valley joke, sir).
On to the captions, which "doubled" as file names among CA Flying Saucer seekers. As I often say, "They see all, they hear all, so they can go f--- themselves."
PHOTO ONE: From the Christian Science Monitor, it's more Israeli settlements...again! Could they stop having babies, perhaps? Can we sterilize them? Could Jews stop being so goddamn greedy? Could we put up a fence after agreeing on the borders? May I sell a book someday at Borders?
PHOTO TWO: Also from CSM, it's a scenario that made me feel human again, after too many years of the USA's "Community Torture Program." Probably dead, but not dead. Chilean miners, welcome to my world. Attention all con artists! "It was the government, stupid!" What a fantastic slogan upon which to waltz into the White House as occupant, as soon as I get the fuck out of Thousand Oaks, California. You drivin'? Tonight? Tomorrow night?
PHOTO THREE: From my buddies at the Lebanon Daily Star. Building a fence, sponsored by Iran? A bit "rad" I'd say, but maybe neccessary. Did I hang out with an Israeli spygirl? Yes. Did their 1977 Air Force Boy want to beat the crap out of me? Yes. And, pray tell, Cuckoo Christian, why was that? Drug sleaze Sherlocks, it was simple just out of college logic, as with, "Your nation is flourishing, so buy your own F-15's." Holy crap! I owned the jets they were mooching/lend-leasing/not buying! Boeing St.Louis, you'd better save at least one F-15E or F for me after the South Korea deal peters out, or "we" really are having World War III. And, I WILL MAKE SURE WE DO, YOU LOUSY SMUGGLED-IN AFTER WORLD WAR II NAZI AEROSPACE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!
PHOTO FOUR: From the Bob Gates of Hell.org, I wonder, to wit: "How did the Chicago Mob found a worse president than George W. Bush?" May I have my Pink Sisters Mass Card back now? No? Who is dying tonight? Not me, Jewgirl! My assessment of Bush 43? May I please purchase my own RONALD REAGAN Matel Microphone and thunder, "Shock and awe, in all the wrong places!!!!!" (dear mafia/fbi: I can say whatever I want. Go fuck yourselves in the Chevrolet Impala or Malibu of your choice. Or, the Mariott you can afford on our Lousy POTUS Negro's credit card too, I'd "imagine").
PHOTO FIVE: From the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch came news of free Nelly tunes. "Cornell," where did I work, in 1984-1986? "Haynes?" Isn't that an underwear brand? Have I not said for many years City of Saint "Loo" dope dealing is simple. Stay on your corner, and stay alive. Fail to pay "The Man," and you are shot dead. Right, Nelly? Right! Dead niggahs; oh, we got plenty. Am I the "Mobster Man?" Don't know, because my standard joke line of, "I don't know how" is not serving me well. Hey DNI, and your worthless pieces of shit, maybe I should learn how. However, before I go "Dark Side," you may wish to consult Secret Court lies under Ford, Carter, Reagan, H.W Bush, Clinton, G.W. Bush, and The Very First Kenyan Negro.Who put lies before a "secret" court? Why, Russian gangster girls, like the spy movie you think this is. However, as I remind all Cali-fornians daily, "You are nuts, I am not." Free gasoline? Where's Sheryl Finley/Sheryl Crow when you need them? And, Your Honor, why does the bosslady of my Go Bell Senior Adult Center look & sound like one of those Sheryls. Fabulous prizes for all gay Puzzle Boys and Towel on Head Boys who arrive at the correct answer. Billy never had any "fun" in his whole life? Bitch, I saw Santa Monica Boulevard, and I FOUND HOWARD'S OLD ROMAINE STREET OFFICE WITHOUT GETTING MY BUTT KILLED. It's still there! I'm still here! Fuck USA!!! Fuck UK!! Fuck Russia! Fuck China! (people's Republic of) Mountain View, the bombing begins in.....

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