My Last 64 Cents

Never seen a boarded-up McDonalds? You've never been to St. Louis, Missouri.You'll see more when I get going. Bad for the nation's health, and I'm entitled to my opinion.
Let's see..."they" were 20-24 years old or so...brown in color...flat-top haircuts are in...so are illegal drugs--always. How about giggling and disturbing others because Hughes is in d.deb Voss' restaurant writing the piece below. High on something? Yes. Does anybody care? No. I see this so often in Southern California, and particularly "scrubby bubble" Thousand Oaks. People of Color, dumb as rocks, because they dropped-out of High School, even Middle School, to sell drugs, in a...what? FORD F-350 with mag wheels. Looked it up Cuckoo-Birds, and it's $49,605 for the base model, and $51,025 inclusive of those "bad wheels." I'm a bad guy? No. In fact, look for the e-mail to ignore, U.S. Corporate Media, as I challenge the gubernatorial candidates out here in "Fruit & Nutland" to debate me as an "Independent" write-in candidate. A good warm-up for the big show in IA, NH, and beyond, right Gardner? Right! Put him in cold & tortured, and he'll kick your butts! C'mon Meg! C'mon Jerry. Let's get it on!
Why is Thousand Oaks "standing tall" with taxable sales relative to the rest of Ventura County?Could it be all of those new car sales? Five (5) days to get plates, "Hughes must die" vultures. What do you think of the following analysis of your car-buying habits? So pathetic it is true:
CHRYSLER 300: "China bought me a car!"
FORD EXPLORER: "I'm with the Secret Service!"
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE: "Japan bought me a car!"
BMW MINI (no Brit COOPER): "I'm a neo-Nazi, posing as a Liberal!"
TOYOTA CELICA: "I'm a spygirl next to Mr. Hughes!"
No, it means you're all goin' to jail! So in jail! And, during the composition of this piece, did some creep named "Gibson," as with my relative VIRGINIA GIBSON, just walk by and say, "Ah ha, I've got you trapped." No more "diembodied comments" as I call them, no more fooling around. My property will be recovered, as will my parents' love letters, the Romaine Files, Charles' photographs (probably of my great-grandparents named "Gano" & "Hughes"...not that Hughes? Are you nuts? I'm not), the Spruce Goose, Raytheon Missiles, and what some business news commentator called the "Boeing/Airbus duopoly." Can't help it if I (The Mr. Hughes) knows his plugs & jacks. Secret files! Break-in's! NSA! NSA! No, dumb-ass, my "leaks" are from the covers of some highly specialized magazines I'm not going Google with just yet. What's up there in orbit? "They show me everything," has long been my slogan, but who are "they?" It's classified? No, but as a longtime mental health professional, I am fully qualified to classify/label you "nuts."
Back to Ventura County rich kids, and their incessant, "Daddy, can I have a new SUV to drive-by Hughes and pretend to be Secret Service," you are too late, because the real ones drove by quite some time ago in the same White Suburban that had all of the doors open in 2004. In real-time, I thought maybe it was an after-shave clash, not a "message." Was John Kerry that boring? One word: YES. And, don't you know I did not scan that photo to protect the SS. What did I get out of that? A "thumbs-up" out the window on Janss Road from what looked to be the same damn vehicle in my photo. The rest will be up to the electorate.
local p.s. Why did the projected annual "T.O." booty--thank me later--come to $2,141,600,000 on the Windows XP calculator, and $1,690,400,000 with pencil & paper? That's a $451,200,000 discrepancy, and what did a United States Senator say long ago? "A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon, you're talkin' some real money." Nazis/Commies/e-Anarchists: May I write a book and put it on the Internet for sale? How about Welcome to Hughesworld: A Few Short Stories. Did you think I'd put Gangster Nation up there? Hey crackheads & crackpots, I'm not "stuck" here in Cali-fornia, I've become warped enough to.....like it? "Two-year break-in" by thieves and con artists? Help! Get a priest! Find a Rabbi! Where's my PCP? No, you nutcases, not the drug, Primary Care Physician! It's another UK Kinks song...Victoria! Victoria! (and a queen, too).

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