Brass What?

I'm sure not GEORGE WILL (thank God), so who enjoys my bugged-up-the-ass lectures on baseball? HYPNOTIZED AUTOMATONS, E.T. CHASERS, X-FILE CIGARETTE SMOKERS, NUMBER KOOKS, COLOR KOOKS, DOGGIE DOO POOP SCOOPERS, and a new category of National Socialist wacko Cali-fornian, the BRAIN-JACKED ZOMBIE. Free ride to Puerto Rico for Vandenberg Cuckoo-Birds in my C-17's if I'm ever elected you-know-what. Absolutely!

Oh, "they" hate the truth!

9:12 a.m.
Every day, ask yourself, "WHAT HAVE I DONE TO GET SOME MONEY TODAY?" The problem is now "Psy-Op Blur," where so much is going on, there is no time to document, or even comment. NEW RULES>>No more sitting by day where Chaparral or Billiard Room can see me. New Q: Where did the cash come from for the Chattanooga Aquarium? I am not a "fish," I'm running for president. BEN & KEN? So in jail!!!

9:30 a.m.
Nice chat with a two fancy digital, long lens camera carrying Asian guy re: digital photos, special effects, vs. film, negatives, darkrooms, faking stuff, etc. to the amazement of GO-BELL snoops. I must be "Bipolar and off my meds," so I dare not say anything about the C-130 flying over my "hideout" and proceeding north. Is Ollie North in jail yet? Not yet?

9:47 a.m.
Once more, the mistake of talking to BEN, and he is shit disturbing & accusing me of being nuts and shit disturbing. Old! Stale! No skills! Bullshit! KEN/NICK/KENT stands vigilant, and I made sure he heard it loud & clear. Wait until RYERSON & TURNER land in NO BAIL JAIL and you two, BEN & KEN shall go as well. Bye, bye, assholes!

12:33 p.m.
Gotta write-up BEN for BIG MAMA ANDREA, and I don't give a f--- about the DELL 755's--it's just to have a place to W-R-I-T-E. MAFIA! It's all about depriving me of a living. I counted it up, and let's hear the spy blabber on this. FACT: I'm the conscientious hard worker and:
3 WRONGFUL DISCHARGES a.k.a "You're fired!"
Screwed eight times, so now, it's practically have a fat Mafia Man grab the pen out of my hand, and even that's irrelevant with "NO SALE " on the Hollyscummywood register.

Postgame notes on my lost wages:
The second wrongful discharge, I discovered thanks to the Hyland book, was at the hands of my own HUGHES AIRCRAFT employee, another damn RICHARDSON. No wonder crooks hate photos!
The privatization of Missouri's Community Mental Health system, if I may be so "grandiose," was in part to screw me out of my MOSERS pension. Ha ha! "They" fell short by seven months i.e. PRIVATIZATION in 08/1997, and Hughes cannot "disappear" from 907 Wildwood Drive in beeeeeutiful "Jeff City" as of 01/1997. Gotcha! And BTW, "they" made me read Al Gore's book about privatizing .gov functions. Thought he was wrong then, and still do. I guess I'm a commie, right Westlake Village Nazis? Morons!!!
The layoff that killed many Missourians we shall not discuss, save to say a "Mr. Turner" was heard to say to me in the halls of the Capitol, "Bill, you've got some brass balls."

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