Redcoats Are Coming! Redcoats Are Coming!

"But the Constitution is the rock upon which our nation rests.We must follow it not only when it is convenient, but when fear and danger beckon in a different direction. To do less would diminish us and undermine the foundation upon which we stand."

- Lewis A. Kaplan

I am a writer. I am a psychiatric social worker. Unless my birth certificate is more in error than the date, I am a U.S. citizen. I am a very good public speaker. I am, per the United States Constitution, at least, allowed to run for president. However, I find myself speechless when I read words like those above. Bring KHALID SHAIKH MOHAMMED into open court, and the USA's whole, since 1947 d.b.a. "The Intelligence Community" shithouse will come down around .gov/.mil's ears. Terrorism in the "Homeland?" Every damn day, and never worse than under "Mr. Liberal Negro" BARACK OBAMA.

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